Resettlement phase and Veng

I am just about to enter my 'natural' resettlement phase where I will have two years to complete my 22yrs adult service. Hovever, I have been given 2yrs extra service under Veng. I have not requested this or signed for it, it just appeared automatically on JPA one day and at this point I have no intention of staying in any longer than my 22.

Does anyone know how this will affect my resettlement phase? Ulitimately I would now like to use the Publicly Funded Higher Education Scheme (PFHE) scheme to fund the remainder of a degree which I am currently studying, which will save me a lot of money. Do I just inform the resettlement office that I do not intend using Veng to be allowed access to PFHE?

Not an expert but I would speak with a number of people in your CofC first just to let them know your not taking Veng including your RCMO so the clerks can ammend dates on JPA...I believe then it flags up to the Resettlement officer in your area. Mine was the opposite way round as was in my last two years starting resettlement then offered 3 years extension but on both occassions when into last two years resettlement officers contacted me. Just make sure that after speaking with RCMO the clerks ammend dates of termination on JPA ....maybe B&T or sluggy can advise better
Do your normal resettlement, start veng and you're eligible for another identical package of resettlement. Cram that in too then sack it. I did. Cheers easy. **** 'em.

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