Resettlement Officers.

Are they any use? Has anyone ever used one who has any knowledge of the civillian workplace? Is it just jobs for the boys?
My resettlement officer at Larkhill was hell-bent on trying to get me to go to university in Plymouth when I was planning to move back to Lancashire. I really don't see how these people who have never held a civvy job in their lives can be responsable for helping people out ready for their return to civ-div.
Has anyone ever met a helpful or useful one? It seems to me that if a national employment agency such as Adecco were to take over forces resettlement we could all get out into the jobs we wanted at the time we wanted with ease. Adecco would have to offer full time positions though (with the option of being agency staff if people wanted), but I think this would beat some crusty officer telling all the non-commisioned ranks that they could be manual laborers easily enough whilst pushing the commisiond ranks into banking and management.
Clear thinking. Which is probably why it isn't happening. Civ agency would have to educate its staff on how to make sense of the qualifications that servicemen might emerge with...but then again, they could just recruit a few servicemen.

Why not send this one up to those jovial chaps at DAPS -- you know, the ones who claim to be CGS's bodyparts...except his Arrse?
If it were handed to an all-in-one agency they would have to handle the courses and bookings too. I'd be willing to bet they would actually save a few bob and ensure that people got into the employment field they wanted. I know lots of ex soldiers who struggled quite a bit to get into the industry they fancied (IT, telecoms etc) on discharge as being a former soldier confuses some HR depts because they cannot translate military quals (many of which are useless and irrelivent on civvy street as they don't meet official 'certification' standards laid out by industry and ironically the govt. Which is why the military driving instructor qual is useless even though you can train a driver to pass the test just as well as their civvy counterpart. This is another area which needs adressing.
just met one the other day for an interview. Ex Army Major, now RO, never seen Civ St and living in Germany - perfect to advise me on making a transition into the big Street......not
There was a resettlement initiative where they had external civilians running it. Were very good at translating military skills to civilian opportunities. Also wrote CV to best express what the candidate could do. Identified courses that would assist individuals and advised on application forms etc. for these. This was all very good. They also ran tests designed to identify best course of action for individuals. This suggested in my case that I should be a sheep herder somewhere beyond Wagga Wagga but they did admit that they rarely met someone as anti-social as me. Horses for courses really but I thought it was of great value and I'm sure that my CV got me the essential first job
bullshit said:
just met one the other day for an interview. Ex Army Major, now RO, never seen Civ St and living in Germany - perfect to advise me on making a transition into the big Street......not
Yes but he DOES give good advice - take it from me follow what he has to say and you will be VERY well rewarded - especially with your skill sets :wink:

But to the thrust of the question - Are they any use - Yes and No - the one in a location not far from me is different from the one in JHQ - so you take your pick.

In retrospect - get rid of them :? NOT

Sorry, but this geeza basically confirmed my entitlement, which I could get from LAND CSSR.

I still stand firm on the fact that he may be great at explaining the regulations and entitlements of discharge (which, like all MOD systems requires a vast amount of studying) but is he really the man who could advise that you should be considering moving into this particular market because of a skill set shortage of a government boost to the IT sector which has raised technology investment on the FTS100? Sorry, Maj(Retd) who has never served outside of the wire is not the man - for christs sake he still calls himself Major!!!!

Hope all is well outside the wire!

My first resettlment officer tried to pursuade me from running my own business as it was a bit of a risk... the second one tried to get me to go into the licenced trade as he used to work for Whitbreads... They were both a complete waste of time.

I've been out for a while and my best advice is sign yourself up with
I did in October 04 and since then I've had 4 job offers for various posts around the world and been continuously employed.
I did get some excellent advice before I left from one of these guys (in Lisburn, I think), which was to do the Health and Safety (NEBOSH Cert) course as a resettlement option. This was in '94, when the 'safety cultcha' was just starting to have a real impact on business. I went to a company which didn't have anyone with any such qualification and was promptly handed the responsibility and a substantial hike in salary when they found that I did; it's been fairly high in the 'Education and Training' section of my CV ever since.
Only went to see the resettlement officer becasue I had to. Like others have said, he only stated what I had already read previously, and was no real use at all, especially as I was resettling outside of the UK.

2 or 3 day resettlement clinic (with the civi contract company) was a tad useful and provided a few ideas of how to go about your job hunt - again nothing that couldn't be read in a good book, but not a bad couple of days nonetheless.

In the end though, completely found my own way, without assistance from resettlement -as it should be.

At least there is some sort of system in place though, civi companies just give you the flick and thats that.
I now find myself in a similar position to Zoid; I don't want to settle in UK so there was very little valuable help or advice.

I thought my requirements were quite simple really; I already have all I need for the job I have been offered in Canada so, not wanting to waste any freebies/opportunities I told the resettlement guru's that I'd do any (and I mean 'any') course that had international recognition.

The CTW said they didn't have any knowledge about that and were just geared-up for UK & Germany. The IERO, well, his clerk, said that isn't their job neither (they are just the link to your own Arms RCMO?) but "I do know that all of your driving licences are internationally transferable". Trust me, they're not!! Great help.

CTW told me to see the IERO to get a steer on which of my mil quals will map across to civi quals and which organisations to apply to. "No, we don't do that." How useless??? I explained about the one qual I knew about (SMQC gives an ILM qual). "Oh, really?". Useless again.

If anyone has any suggestions for internationally recognised courses I could use my resettlement (and two lots of ELC's) for, it would be appreciated. I would happily do courses in computing, transport/management, MHE or in fact anything, even (if I really really have to) H&S.


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