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hello.........if i was to leave after 15 years .........what is the max i could get to do a resettlement course?? i here loads of storys of how people get thousands some how....
You would be entitled to £534 IRTC grant and whatever your Graduated Resettlement Time is (I think in your case 35 days, but check with your RCMO or AEC).

For each night in a hotel, under the new JPA Regs which came into effect today, you will get actuals for hotels booked through CHBS, or £53 if provided by the company your doing course with. You will also receive a MAXIMUM of £21 per day for food (receipts required for expenditure) and £5 a day for Incidental Expenditure (laundry, newspaper, telephone calls). Receipts must be provided for all expenditure of £5 or more.

Your Admin Office can pay you the money in advance, prior to you going on the course. They will most likely advance you between 80 - 90% of the amount, on the understanding that you return to claim the outstanding money. The IRTC Grant is paid in full prior to departure, this is a seperate entity to your GRT.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer!!!
The actual cash for Resettlement is very limited....£ you can well imagine you can't get many courses for that!
Where most companies make their money is in the accom....most will give you a course that normally costs a cpl of grand cos they stick you in a cheap and cheerful B&B somewhere and tell the army it costs the full amount....personally I feel we all win there as we get the courses and they get paid what they want.
Don't forget to use your ELCs too though.....up to a grand a year three times (though only one claim a year), if you wanted to you can use the ELCs to pay a large wedge of the course and use your GRT for the time of the course, then the army will pay the accom.
Can anyone tell me why you have to pay your own way back to the UK from Germany for Resettlement??
OK here's one for all you JPA wizards

I am doing as part of my resettlement, a residential course based on a yacht. Therefore food and accom on board are part of the deal for the week - the exam is an additional fee.

How do I get around the need for endless receipts under JPA if all I have is the single bill?
Why not see if the company running the course will split the bill down for you....they shouldn't care as the net amount to them will be the same specially if you explain to them the reason behind it.
You're on JPA already.....what about self certifying it all anyway and by the time anyone asks you for receipts you'll be out anyway! lol
Its a real wangle, there are forces friendly courses that bracket and receipt everything so you clear the full wack but I found it quite hard work, I almost got seen off for my hotel and daily expenses when some one decided as I was "near" forces accomodation (port area) I should stay there for free rather than claim for hotels and stay at mates house instead!! (which of course I would never do) You really need to get receipts for all the seperate areas to get your full entitlement

It may help to time your visit to your imprest holder (the LE pay bloke who signs everything) The friday morning after a mess bash had my paper work over the desk signed and out his office before his eyes refocused!!

Life is never easy but you'll be out soon

May the force be with you
Personally I feel resettlement is a total con, due to the limited amount you actually get its neigh on impossible to get a decent course, the only way you can get something half decent is to take one of the many options created conviently for you, some might think its a good idea, personally I feel that you are limited to what it is you actually want to do and are pretty much forced to take the packages which generally means either LGV or MCSE dependant on what you are able to do.

If I did it all over again I would of done something like brick laying and took a loan out and been a little more adventurous
Maybe you should've tried the resettlement centre at Aldershot wellyhead.....they do bricklaying courses there!!
The advantage there is the cost is minimal, the £534 stretches to a 5 week course which is great read in this thread the accom is seperate so you get the most for your dosh.
Which is exactly my point mate, a structure course that magically cost the amount that you get for resettlemnt, personally I would of like the 2 grand in used fivers anded over in a brown paper bag, it would of been more use
2 grand in used fivers in a brown bag huh?? Nearest you'll get to that in the army is your ELCs....this is free money!!

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