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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by jodie167, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. can someone please help me, im just going thougth my resettlement and havent a clue what to do im a cpl in the rlc (driver) i dont have much quals but like using computers or maybe the fire service please can someone give me advice.
  2. If you haven't a clue you better stay in then you fuckin plank! Or do you want someone to guide you round holding your hand. You're a Cpl for fucks sake, get a grip!
  3. BSB seconded, if you havent got a clear plan stay in. There aint much out here and the army isnt always as bad as it seems.
  4. To be not so blunt as the others, I would strongly suggest you stay in and do either a degree and some sort of in depth course whilst serving. try someting in-line with yr current occupation, ie, logistics etc. A resettlement course is bugger all, I am in Civ St and would never recommend employing somebody on the basis of a 5 week course, what counts is the person and what they can deliver, so stay in, and get the Army to pay your way thru wages, transfer, courses.
  5. I'm assuming you've done at least 9 years, maybe 12 so whay are you getting out this late in the day? As an RLC driver things can't get too difficult can they? I would have thought unless you were a complete incompetent spacko and became more optimistic you could at least make SSgt with the time you have left.

    I agree with mag-to-grid, thing are never that bad mate.
  6. Is it too obvious to assume that he may be a 22 year Cpl, and doesn't in fact have a choice whether or not he stays?
  7. Talk to the resettlement bod at the education centre. If you're going into civvy logistics, ask how you can get a fork-lift truck licence, computer qualifications, and health and safety training in army time (you can get these without touching your resettlement money if you time it right).