Resettlement Help - In the Service of Yourself, Paperback and E-Book


Below is a link to a recently released book, entitled In the Service of Yourself. It's written by an ex-Navy lynx pilot who spent a lot of time flying with the AAC and was also a JTAC for a bit. He now runs his own tech business.

It's available on Amazon and is aimed at helping all service leavers looking to optimise their resettlement. It covers a bit on ambition refinement, then goes into the nuts and bolts of interviews, CVs and networking before finishing on business principles and basic economics. It's been out less than a month but has a couple of good reviews. Take a look if of interest.

Amazon product
I'm wondering what, for the princely sum of nearly fifteen quid, this tells you that the CTP don't for £14.99 less.

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