Resettlement Grant Dilemma !!! Urgent Help Please

Hi to all,

Firstly I'm new on ARRSE so Hi and please feel free to point me in the right direction if this isn't the correct place to be posting here..

I am in a bit of a dilemma with regards to my Resettlement Grant so I'm hoping somebody can shed a bit of light as to where I stand here, please forgive me the long post but I think it will better help if I kind of explain the situation, so here goes...

Basically I signed off last year and have literally just left as of the 11th July 13, I sorted out my Pens 1 fom on the JPA site as you do pretty much as soon as my paperwork was confirmed and I did this with plenty of time.

To better explain my cercumstance I joined 9th July 98 at 17 so my Man Service started as of my 18th birthday (17th Jan 99), I served for just shy of 8 years on the 75 scheme and discharged 9th June 06.

I then rejoined on the 05 scheme 9th July 07 so was only out for just over a year.

I then decided to leave after a further 6 years of service and put my 12 months notice/termination paperwork in 11th July 12

I had to write a letter to glasgow (23rd Aug 12) in order to aggregate my previous service on the 75 scheme over to the newer 05 scheme which I was on. This then gave me a total of 14 years service.

I recieved a letter back (6th Sept 12) confirming that all was fine and that the actual aggregation would take place upon my final termination and to keep the letter for my records which I have done.

I then requested a pension forecast to find out what my pension would be and got the pension forecast back on 26th Oct 12. On this forecast it clearly states my annual deferred pension which is payable from the age of 65, it also clearly states a deferred lump sum of 3 x the annual deferred pension also payable at 65. Now here is the interestin part..... It also clearly states that A tax free Resettlement Grant of £10,302.00.

So from this as far as I was aware I would get this Resettlement Grant on leaving the Army. Over the last couple of months I have contacted the SPVA in order to make sure that everything was ok as we would be living off this money until my new contracts/employment started. They informed me that all was ok and that the payment usually takes about 10 working days to go through.

After patiently waiting the 10 days I still had no payment so I contacted the SPVA to find out what was going on and it was at this point I was informed that there had been a change in the aggregated service part or something and that I had been mis informed and that my careers manager or someone should have told me.

I have been given no such information or been told otherwise. So here is me thinking that all is good and I'm covered until I get my contracts coming through only to have the rug pulled from under me literally 4 days before my bills are due.

As you can imagine i'm now absolutely screwed as I have now no money to cover me or my family and will now probably lose everything and be left homeless.

I flagged up a service request as a matter of urgency and asked for someone to contact me to find out what I can do.

Is there anything I can do? Can I appeal?

I feel like I have been totally screwed over and now that I am out I think that I'm just going to get brushed aside and left to deal with the backlash of what is clearly something that isnt my fault.

Help Please anybody.
Lodge a Service Complaint straight away. There are a lot of people in your position and it arises because of the interpretation of 'relevant service' in respect of RG, EDP, Tier 1 ill-health and redundancy. To make matters worse, Those who left before the reinterpretation were treated more favourably. There is a legal challenge brewing but, obviously, it is sensible to see what the outcome is of the Service Complaints already in the pipeline.
What FPS said, the reinterpretation of "relevant service" was fairly recent and not exactly shouted from the rooftop. A lot of MPGS are in the process of submitting SC's as they in particular have fallen foul of the change. No help to the OP in his current prediciment though :(
Thanks Guys much appreciated, hopefully something will come good of this. A service complaint will definitely be going in but no doubt this will have to be in writing to Glasgow (Paperwork being lost, no action taken for months on end, constant battle over the phone to rectify their incompetence). I'm not going to stop until I have what is rightfully mine.
I'm not greedy or trying to blag the system but now in a situation which could be depremental to my family, I have 4 month old Twins so you can imagine this isnt exactly the best time to be robbed.

Thanks again
You may also wish to contact RBL and/or ABF for assistance.
What FPS said, the reinterpretation of "relevant service" was fairly recent and not exactly shouted from the rooftop. A lot of MPGS are in the process of submitting SC's as they in particular have fallen foul of the change. No help to the OP in his current prediciment though :(

I urge people to submit an SC as the powers that be need to know that it is a BIG problem and contrary to what the MOD said in briefings and literature.
Hi mate,
I was in pretty much exactly the same situation as you. I don't know if you've been sorted out yet but I chased mine up again last week and as long as you aggregated your pensions together before leaving ( as I did too ), the defence minister has agreed to pay us the 10,302 when the legislation goes through mid Dec 14.
You need to phone up jpa and they'll send you a form to fill in with your bank details and it'll be paid in as soon as parliament pass it.
I like you could really have done with the money on leaving but better late than never.
Hello guys, just an update, I've received the letter dated 31st October which stipulates I am eligible for an Ex Gratia payment equivalent to the RG payment which should have been laid up in government today. Once the legislation has been confirmed the pensions office said I would receive a letter to confirm the amount and the payment should be in my account within 5 days of the letter being sent to me. All payments should be complete by the end of January.
For anyone in a similar situation who isn't sure try contacting the pensions office and confirm if you are on the list.
0800 085 3600, quote your service number etc and they will let you know if you are eligible.
Many thanks for your support, I hope I finally get what I should have had in the first place and hope that you all do too.

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