Resettlement Forms - Why are they such a pain in the arrse?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by gettinoutsoon, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. 363, 363T, 1157, 1187 why so many damn forms!? and with so many damn forms why so many signatures required on each one!?

    I have busted a gut trying to do things "the right way" and not to do things on the sly but this is really getting on my t*ts. I have walked everywhere trying to get all these signatures wondering why the hell all these people need to sign this form. Then when I eventually track the person down they make me feel like they are doing me a great favour in signing the damn thing. Then after small talk they sign it...and that is it. They dont record it, photocopy it or nothing. All they have done is waste ink. What value do these people give to the process. 20 people checking the same damn thing.

    Get a grip of this damn paperwork!!! One person one signature. end of!!!

    and dont get me started on the CTP crew who dont give a sh*t about helping. "sorry we only take the payments and cant help you with your army form". Got the money and couldnt give a sh*t.

    Not impressed at all. This course better be worth it!
  2. Get a pushbike.

    If they try fucking me about after 22 years, I will have some very new earrings made out of someone's bollocks, and they will have to claim compensation for burst eardrums.

    Oh, and more than likely have me arrested for refusing to leave their office until anything is signed, assault by a ginger dog (nasily) and leaving a massive turd (orange) on their desk.

    Grow a set, it's your bloody life. Stop moaning on here after a few beers and get amongst it.

    Tsk tsk.
  3. Fcukin hell, how many threads :?
  4. Yeah, but - how many press ups can you do?

    How fast can you run

    Sorry, what were you saying?
  5. Lots, and quite rapid thanks.
  6. I'm assuming that I have missed out on a huge bag of drugs that were being dished out on this forum....lots of replies but not one single contribution. Quite shocking really but to be expected considering all levels of the GBP and our community can reply.

    OK based on the oafish responses...everyone in here is completely happy with the forms? You dont mind at all going from the Resettlement Advisor to the AEC to the CTP to the Admin Office etc...etc... all for one single unimportant dont mind? Based on the replies received so far it kinda makes do what it says on the form thought required.

    Why try to make it better...aint your job is it. Why discuss it...aint going to help you is it....Done your time, why do you care....Got loads of time left till you get out, aint goona waste time helping others...blah blah blah....

    Resettlement em or loathe em?
  7. Deep breath and wait for the counter-attacks...... :)

    But if we dont discuss this forum is pointless. Discussed to death is better than not discussed at all....
  8. What did you expect? If you want sympathy you know where to find it. Get used to doing things yourself and that's whatcivi street is all about mate.
  9. I got mine signed with minimum effort, thankfully.

    What course are you doing?
  10. and so say all of us
  11. I can relate to gettinoutsoon's pain from Army procedures. Resettlement should be a simple process, there's enough sh*t to sort out when you leave the army without having to jump through pointless hoops to get courses which, at the end of the day, we're entitled to.

    A serving soldier can get all manner of courses while still serving, why should resettlement be any different?
  12. I'm puzzled. If the course or whatever is so "unimportant", why are you bothering with all this. Nobody says you have to - in fact, you should already have realised that nobody stagging on gives a toss about you.
    Give your ego a day off!
  13. I am getting out very soon, and have so far found the whole process to be extremely helpful and very useful. The CTP is one of the (very few) privatisations that I wholeheartedly support. I remember lads getting out 15 years ago who were getting advice on resettlement from an LE Major who joined as drummer boy at the age of 6 in 1912. Well meaning - but WTF!"

    There is a great deal of paperwork to sort out, but that is unsurprising - compare it to preparing a small exercise or some AT. The problem is that you only fill in this set of paperwork once in your career, so it is not familiar. There are already very clear flow charts available on the intranet which take one very clearly through the whole process.

    Although a very daunting prospect - I feel that I have been given every opportunity and a great deal of support prior to leaving. The Army has paid for 80% of my degree, and are paying approximately the same for an IT ir artisan course as a support and backup, I get free access to the DELC to get the Certifications to support much of my CV history and capabilities - Professional Institute memberships are obtained at very disounted rates.

    I just wish that the Army and my Corps had managed, advised and paid me as efficiently for the last 22 years. That side of life has improved, in recent years they have raised their game significantly - it is now mediocre!

    That is a story for a whole other thread................

    Edited for spolling
  14. I suppose it depends on your unit. getting my paper work signed when the army had cocked up my med discharge giving me 4 days to get my whole course booked and paid for and forms signed was ridiculous. No the army doesn't give a feck about you leaving the green machine but that is to be expected. One form would be easier.
  15. How many people do you think do this every day?
    grow a pair and accept that in everything you do now you are going to have shite to deal with.
    If it was that bad it would be fixed......
    either get on with it or start a petition so others gain....