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If you are in your resettlement phase or have been out of the Tri-Services for a while, the Military Resettlement Headquarters is providing jobs & training opportunities those with service number.

MRHQ is revolutionising Tri-Service Military resettlement; providing transparency, restoring control and implementing a focus to the scattered, fragmented marketplace for both Forces personnel and corporate bods.

Founded by former military personnel as the transition into the civilian workplace was not transparent. With no clear channels to go through that offered more than just a job on the other side of service but for the military, both past & present to have the opportunity to up-skill their qualifications and to ultimately will land them their 1st, 2nd or 3rd job.

With other resettlement aids only offering opportunities within a short window where ex-military may not go down the path that they intended to. We are providing a transparent platform for candidates and clients as companies that come on board are actively looking for a valuable employee as ex-military are regarded to be highly trained with such a diverse set of skills & qualifications.

View the platform here

If you do sign up as a candidate make sure you add your CV and personal statement of what job you would be looking to get in civvy street.

Leave us a comment if you want any assistance.

We cover all industry sectors and have companies coming on weekly offering new jobs. This is a platform for you to use to directly talk to companies and to skip the recruiters for a quick and smooth transition to civvy street.

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