Resettlement Entitlements

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by fingers_1661, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Can someone please post the new entitlements here.

    Thank you.
  2. nothing has changed yet, although there may be a rise in the subsistence, standby for all providers cost to rise in line with this.
  3. Thank you:)
  4. Hot off the Press:

    Night Subsistence (NS) (formerly NRSA) - £80.00*
    Day Subsistence (DS) (formerly EE) - £24.52*
    Incidental Expenses (IE) (formerly PIE) - £5.00*
    Maximum Daily Allowance = £109.52*
    *Paid as actuals, you only get what it costs.

    Privately Arranged Rate (PAR) - £26.00

    IRTC remains at £534 regardless of GRT.
  5. Just been reliably informed that the IRTC could be nearly doubled by the end of the year as its been the same for nearly 30 years. Obviously they will find other areas to cut it. Just working out now where to fit all the courses and leave in :D
  6. Theres nothing soldi about the IRTC as yet (shocking that it is pathetically small, especially with the CTP more than doubling their course costs), but I think they will have to do something especially now that if CTP run a course like the one you want, you more or less have to do that (usually more inferior) one unless you have a great reason and a letter from your mum.
  7. ...unless those in your chosen resettlement field know the score:)
  8. One trick is to tell CTP exactly what sort of course you want and how much you're willing to spend. Most of the time they won't find anything and the admin office then has to give you all your entitlements.
  9. not sure if it actually works that way, you still only get the entitlements for what it actually costs.
  10. How do you actually go about claiming IRTC and subsidance?

    Is it via JPA or using forms.

    I am a bit out of the loop at the moment and not getting much guidance. How long does it take to claim things? Do you book/pay yourself then claim it back? Or does someone else book your course and approve funding?

    I am on a very tight schedule and only have 2 weeks at the end of May to do a course. I am not even seeing my resettlement officer until 28th April!

    Is it likely that I will be able to sort everything out in this short time frame?
  11. you get your IRTC by filling in all the right forms abd they get signed by:
    CTP consultant

    then you do it through JPA.

    For subsistence you take your copies of you 363T and breakdown of costs which show how much the accom and food is and it is up to your unit to arrange the accom and payment (can be paid in advance by unit or by you and you claim it back).

    you have to book your own courses and fill out the relevant paperwork (363T, IRTC (1748) advance, indemnity insurance (1746) (all these forms are available on line at the CTP website under MOD Forms)) resettlement is the individuals responsibility, if someone else books you course for you and you dont turn up or dont pay it causes dramas, ie 'I didnt want the course, I didnt book it!!'
  12. Thanks

    I should be able to get more info for the CTP Website. Cheers for pointing me in the right direction