Resettlement entitlements

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by michael3429, May 17, 2012.

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  1. I was wondering if there was a publication that gives soldiers an idea of there entitlement in a time line

    My regiment have pushed out an email stating that they are going to get more strict with those in the process of NTT. Basically some tool has spoiled it for all by not turning up to work just using the excuse that he's signed off an doing resettlement stuff.

    From the day you sign off when can you start looking at attending workshops and courses etc. Some seem to think from that day you can just start cutting away to education centres etc

    I'm mainly interested as I'm going through the process at the moment. I've been signed off for 2 months now and due to go to olympics (my choice) but when I'm back I want to start cracking on. I would just like to see or hear when can a soldier start his process. And what powers does the regiment hold on this subject

    Thanks in advance
  2. JSP534 - it's all in there mate.

    you can start your resettlement once you sign off or are in your last 2 years of service (and other exceptional circumstances) - providing you are entitled to it.

    more info here mate:

    tell your chain of command you need an interview with your Regional Resettlement Officer (RRO).

    good luck mate.
  3. Apologies for my laziness but thanks for the links gents. Got some good info from then which I can go back to my chain of command with and tell them where to go if I want to book stuff.
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