Resettlement entitlement going?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by staxwasadick, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. I heard a rumour that the current resettlement entitlement was being binned for a one off payment to cover everthing. Is this true?
  2. Thats the rumour but dont forget you have ELC dosh to use up - as well as your 175 squid - I can see trg providers offering free food and accom and charging your ELC grant for the course. I heard the one off grant is around 1000 squid too. By the time I demob (5+) it will no doubt be down to 100 squid + a pen set for signing on.
  3. Let's face it £570 to retrain after 22 years gets you just a bit more than zero training really. I mean, who wants plumbers whove done just a 2 week intro course? If you bought bricks and mortar sometime during your 22 then think of that as your cushion.
  4. Your resettlement grant is about £534.00 but you are also entitled to 35 days NRSA at £55.00 per day + £21.20 daily subs, + £5.00 incidental expenses. There was talk a few years ago of sacking all grants and allowances and being given a one off payment of £3 - 4,000.00. This was because most companies include the cost of food and accom into the total charged in order to subsidise the cost of the course.
  5. Have you tried getting hold of your resettlemnt RCMO? And getting all the 363s signed up etc? No one knows who should sign what. I was close to calling one clerk an incompetent liar except I was not sure who was more incompetent.
  6. Flying Felix you can claim all those grants but only with receipted proof of all expenditure which is the main problem as the 547 you get to pay for the actual course gets you bugger all these days.
  7. It is a strong rumour it is going to change. You will get £1000 instead of the £534 but, you will lose all rights to claim subsistence allowances.
  8. The difference is cash is huge! By taking the subsistance and offsetting against course cost could get you nearly 4k, with the new scheme you will have to use Army accom and find a provider for 1000 quid. Thing is, they can sell it as what we currently do is technically illegal so the spin will be that they have doubled the entitlement!

    Ig yr in yr last 2 years get booked now!
  9. Get any resettlement in early because you can start to apply and consolidate new skills well in advance of your actual discharge date, so not an absolute newbie at the new skillset. Also, if you get offered continuance, commission or VEng conversion then you can look forward to taking resettlement again a couple more years down the line. As cunning as a fox who's been made professor of cunning university!
  10. Will you still need to do this with JPA though? I doubt it, and when the checks are done and a % of claims are checked by referring to receipts they are not going to be able to chase up someone who has left.
  11. This is the 'moneyshot' - get the time in now, it will change, you have a duty to spend the £540 ish quid for resettlement - dont give the b'stards any back - you have earned it!!! Use it or loose it, any extra training/time away from unit is a bonus IMHO!!