Resettlement Courses

well the time in this royal engineers career is fast coming to an end.

i have 18 months left & as yet have no real designs on any resettlement courses.

have not done my ctw yet as i have been too busy & am away for most of the rest of this year i aim to get it done at the start of 2009.

i was wondering what courses if any that you fine upstanding gentlemen have found of any use.

obviously i have all my electricians qualifications (and then some extra specialist ones on top), hold all my driving licences less PCV (coach) but i am working on that as we speak, also have health & safety qualifications (nebosh general, etc).

considering emigration to Australia when i finish, if ther are any ex-squaddies down there viewing this forum.

any constructive ideas accepted.

any sh1te ideas will also be accepted, what goes around comes around, eh :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

cheers chaps/doris'.

FYI: Carillion Construction, Bovis Lend Lease and others are desperate for health & safety qualifications (esp. in London on the Olympic Games sites)

Nebosh / Iosh / etc etc

Also know several Bovis chaps with MIEE certificates who have gone to Australia ... especially Darwin, where there is a short-fall.

They enquired in the local Australian press and went out on their own bat to get interviews

(PS: I hear that the Aussies are into 'certificates' and often want to see paper qualifications.... so try and blag these off Gordon before you reach your 22)
Don't know if you plan to use your liecences but might be worth registering with a driving agency for the odd bit of weekend work etc if you can fit it in will give you experience of driving class 1 and might bring in some extra cash when your looking for work once your time is up

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