Resettlement Courses/Authorisation

Ok i understand that if i was to use my ELC, the company that will provide the training/course must be registered with ELC.

How does this work if you wish to use your IRTC grant? I have requested to attend a course with a company overseas, do they need to be known/registered to the resettlement department?

This company is located where i will be relocating with my family, they also offer job placement!

Has any one been down this road and got knocked back??
Provided the training provider is cosher and can produce proper bills and a stamped 1746, you can do your training overseas and claim IRTC. You can also claim subsistence.

You must still do the usual paperwork and also provide a statement as to why you are training abroad.

Your IERO will also have to apply for political clearance for you so will need various bits of info at least 8 weeks in advance
Ta Codger, Yep they are cosher, run by ex military have done some courses with them in the past (self funded). As regards to political clearence is that nessesary for EU?

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