Resettlement course in Australia

Hi I need some advice, and being at the unit I am there dosn't seem too much help. Basiclly I have been given a quote for a diving course in Australia provided by EBO. The problem I have is that the accommodation is priced at 35 nights @ £80, totalling £2800. What can I claim and how much am I going to have to fork out of my own pocket for it?
I would check with your resettlment guru, but as a guide i recentley did a diving course on resettlment abroad and i claimed upto £55 a night, but you must keep the recipts etc....
you can claim per day:

Night Subsistence: £80*
Day Subsistence: £24.52*
Incidentals: £5*
* = Actuals, ie you only get what it actually costs

So as long as you have the 35 days GRT then you are OK.
You need to fill in:
Make sure that you apply for clearance through your IERO to go to Australia on resettlement though (at least 5 weeks before you want to go) to get the political clearances.
and of course ELC if entitled.
It will cost £80 per night, however I will be staying there at weekends as well so although I have 25 days GRT I belive the total number of days is 35, hence 35 day@£80. I managed to get hold of my cheif clerk and he is unsure about it all. Also, out of that £80 per day, how much am I able to claim in advance, as I don't have a spare £2800 to pay upfront and try and claim it back. I'm just trying to figure out if I can afford it before I sign up to it.
90%advance but stand by for the Audit.......
I believe that it is 80% advance, as for the weekends you need to get the course provider to send you a letter that you can then give to your IERO, this letter should say something along the lines of that the accommodation is block booked and includes weekends. Although subsistance is your units responsibility the IERO can 'influence' the weekend thing.
I'll have a dig and get back to you.

But dont pay anything out until you have clearance (and the ELC CAN if you are claiming it)
Found myself hitting another hurdle as well. As I am due to fly out on Thursday, time is getting short, very short. It's the same old story of my bosses saying the Army come first etc. I have found out today that I need to give 8 weeks notice prior to departure for diplomatic clearance. Well I am not starting my course until the 2nd Feb which leaves over 8 weeks but I will not be coming back to the UK. Is this a technicality and would they go as far to say I should fly back to the UK only to get back on the same plane to fly back? The Army are good at trying to screw me over. Not even my resettlement advisor knew about this or he would have said something. Annoying, Very!

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