Resettlement commutation...after 7 years... in english?

Good afternoon...

So, I have signed off, and need to complete my pension form 1 on JPA, but havent had a clear answer on what it all means (in my mind at least)..

If i went for resettlement commutation, exactly what would happen? does this mean taking from my pension, a lump sum payable on my termination? And after 7 years, how much would this be (approximately) ?

Pay clerks are unavailable at the moment, so any information anyone could provide, even if a rough guide, would be greatly appreciated!

You can only claim resettlement commutation if you are going to be in receipt of an immediate pension i.e you are leaving after 22 years or more. If you do take it, your monthly pension will be reduced until you reach age 55.
I am fairly certain that you have to apply for it before leaving, not up to 12 months after leaving as the leaflet below states.