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resettlement claims

hi guys ans galls!
i need some advice.
i left the army last month after just over 10 years in.
i put in my resetlement mma claims in july and they still had not been processed before i left to start my terminal leave
i have tried and tried to get a firm date on how much and when my money would be payed in and was assured that it would be before christmas but no ammount was given to me.
nedless to say it has still not been payed in and my old battalion has not staretd back yet after christmas.
now that im a civvi what is my best course of action to try and get my claims payed to me?
any help will be most appricated!! :D
If your ducks are in a row then send a letter to the resettlement officer with the address of a solicitor attached. That generally galvanzies people into action. Or at least starts the clerk flapping like a tap dancer's fanny!

Actually, before you do that just phone or go and see the the bloke - if you are rational and don't lose your rag it always helps.

Good luck.

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