Resettlement claim for job interview

Hi all,
I have a job interview, (hopefully), in Prague in January. Just wondered if there are any claims I can put in ? ie. train fare to airport or overseas hotel bill ? Any help appreciated.
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From what I can remember you cant claim Resettlement for Job Interviews, although I may be wrong, speak to your Resettlement Centre.

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Mate as every where I am sure it will be different ( which it should not be of course) I recently had to fly to a interview hotel etc so I paid for the lot. On return I went to resettlement peeps and the local JPA guru. Sat down with them and input exactly what they said I could into the confuser.. therefore hopefully negating the cries of fraud etc loss of pension blah blah blah. I could claim for the flight, hotel (CHBS sorry HBS reserved) taxi to interview even the drive from home to airport. So if in doubt go cry dumb and get the local expert to help. I was lucky our local expert was bloody good about it all. Hope that helps.
Forgot to add make sure your resettlemt peeps know where you are and fill in the 363t or whatever form it is before you go, or else your in the sheit!!!

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