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Hey my best mate is hanging up his Beret and will be posted to 1 uk civ div

in a matter of weeks.

He's a good bloke but Im worried he's going to waste his resettlement training.

Can anybody help me advise him on a new career?

He comes from the premier armoured recce regiment
Wheres he going to live when hes out??

Presently - plumbing and Sparkies seem to be much in demand trades .......... but it depends on where you live too - I live in ESSEX and run a bushcraft school my best mukka moved to Scotland and works on the oil rigs ..................


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Milton Keynes!!

He comes from Luton originally but hopefully has got more sense to go back!!

He did say he was interested in the trades.

However I keep getting told that cirtain trades are better than others.

I looked at a local training centre apparently there is a waiting list to for plumbing courses.
There's some really pump courses and some good ones.

I did have a train of though when I left to stick to what I know, however military seem to have a sort of blank canvass when it comes to jobs (With the exception of technical trades.) so now I recommend to anyone to go for what they want to do and then seek out the appropiate resettlement courses.

My old mates from my old cav regiment are doing an assortment of jobs, nothing refelcts on what they did before (obviously). I transferred to RLC and so fell back on that for my resettlement. I earn a good honest crust in Logistics but I wish I had done what I wanted to do and not what I thouight would get me a job. It's a long time until retirement.

To summarise my waffle, it all depends on what flicks your mates switch. Find a focus, get the questions and then seek out the answers for the resettlement.

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