Resettlement - Cabling/Fibre - Worth a go or not?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by catbreath, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. On behalf of one in my care:

    [I am currently serving as an RLC Rad Op and am about to start a Cable and Fibre course with Limbrook Services (counterpart of CTTS). I have just read this thread and am now getting seriously concerned about the wisedom of embarking into civvy street with this qualification.

    I have no experience in the cabling world and am unsure as to how employers will respond to someone with only a paper qualification.

    I have spoken to Limbrook Services yesterday and they are confident that my chances of employment are good following the course.

    Can any of the sigs community still in, or those that have jumped the fence shed some light on whether or not I stand a chance in the big shark infested pond outside with this qualification??????????? ]

    If anyone has any useful contacts in this area who can shed light on this young mans predicament please advance and be recognised.

    Thread posted on R Sigs & Jobs forums.

  2. Care in the community?

    So why post it in the RLC forum..? Or am I missing something?
  3. Speak to your CTP consultant. Ask him or her:

    1. What the employment situation is like for cable and fibre: CTP produces a disk that says what employment is like in every part of the UK, so they can't say they don't know.

    2. What reputation Limbrook Services has as a training provider (CTP is supposed to do quality assurance of resettlement training companies).

    3. What other jobs are there in the part of the UK where you're going to live and which ones you're best qualified to go for.
  4. Depends on how much you want to earn etc I've been working in comm's since I left in 99
  5. The reason for posting this question on the RLC forum, my explosive tinkering friend - is that sometimes, just sometimes people do get jobs in civvy street that aren't necessarily connected to what they do whilst wearing a salad suit.

    I was hoping that one of these industrious persons might be able to help in educating the young man who hopes that life is greener on the other side.


    To Bettarider and Troll - Many thanks.
  6. Catbreath,
    If you want anymore advice drop me a PM
  7. I would go down the route of IT training ( networking ) to be more specific. All forms of fibre splicing are almost dead man shoes roles.

    Try and get your CCNA, or maybe even a Voice switch course you will be in with a better chance of employment and have a wider choice or potential employers to choose from