Resettlement - best and worst advice

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by fishfingers, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Just interested in what the best and worst advice you heard in your last two years of resettlement

    From a Sapper on resettlement course; "lefty loosey, righty tighty". Great for reassembling my Ikea furniture in my poxy little flat.
  2. Stay away from Ritchies in Scotland - the kit is all ancient. The forks I was using kept breaking down, so I hardly received any training, despite receiving a 'pass'. My friend took his HGV training in the same cab for two weeks, then they gave him a different one for the test!!! He failed - shock! But even worse was that he got a bollocking off of old man Ritchie for failing!

    Also the crane I was learning on kept breaking down and slipping out of gear and the load break didn't work properly!!!

  3. On the matter of forks/stacker trucks, I really wouldn't bother. Pay for the course yourself, Its much cheeper. Spend your money on something much better. Stacker truck driving is shite, anyway the money is bot!

  4. There is substantial funding available for resettlement anywhere in the world.

    Enter some key words/phrases into a search engine ie 'resettlement diving' (or whatever your choice is) & see what comes up.

  5. Worst advice given (by my RAO): "do not worry, the process is smooth and you will be given leave if you get a job early" - utter b0lloxs! I had a job as a consultant come up with a start date 3 weeks before my end of service date. I was still owed 2 weeks leave but the CO ordered me to go on exercise up until the last moment - literally my last day in the Army was spent on a Bde CPX in Germany, with me wearing civvies (I had handed back all my uniform and had the paperwork to prove it!). Total cnut (he was furious that I bailed out in time to avoid Batus and the disaster that was SS2 in Oman). And yes, I lost the job offer (probably the best thing that happened in fairness looking back).

    Best advice (given to me by a Col, ex-Deputy DSF): "fcuk em and tell them all to p1ss off"
  6. Listen to your re-settlement officer, but not too hard. Chances are he\she has never done a days work outside of the army in their life. Try and choose a career outside of your army experience (that way you can always fall back on it) and try to avoid fad employment. When I left in 2000 it was Microsoft MCSE and cabling quals everyone was doing, but a year later things quietened down in those sectors and the jobs were scarce, yet many were still doing the courses. Try and look to an area that is upcoming and that you feel interested in as there is no point speding 30-odd years doing a job you hate.
  7. The assessment on my resettlement was summarised by the guru as meaning I should look for a job herding sheep on the far away side of Wagga Wagga miles away from any other human being. I went into a very much people-oriented job in UK and now get a nice large occupational pension so - so much for the resettlement advice.
  8. You got on well with the guru, ORC? :D
  9. Got to be careful how you break down the costs. I think its another way of the MOD screwing you for every penny.

    There something like 3400£ avaiable for every bod undergoing resettlement but your lucky if you see all of it. Only certain portions can go on certain things.

    A certain amount of the total must and can only be spent on training, some can only be spent on food and acom, some only on examinations (or is that ECDL?)

    I had a course nicely priced at 3300£ but because of the breakdown of coasts only got about 2500, had to pay the rest. Stupid really, if they say the moneys there then they should give it to us.

    Anyone have any dramas with housing? Just out of interest what is the party line on where you go if you cant go anywhere else?
    Luckily I had a family home to regroup at but when I asked about alternatives I got a leaflet for the YMCA and Spaces....
  10. Dread, I feel that the same treatment that you received was doled out to me. I had my leaving mess do in BAOR then hit the ferry the following morning like a bat out of hell for the UK. Arrived at Ash Vale only to be told that I was being employed as Provost Sgt for three weeks. I had new kit issued and was informed that "The RAMC's needs outweigh your personal agenda!"
    Lost my place on my reset cse in Plymouth and had to wait for the next. Complained in writing to the Adjt, Reset Offr and OC. Told that jobs are easy to get on leaving!!!! WTF!!
    Finally managed to get on my course and after four weeks was picked up by the Naval Regulators in Plymouth, having been posted as AWOL by my unit. Missed work attechment and practical tests. Spent two days under mess arrest and only was released by intervention of a family barrister. Very sucessful in lawsuit against MOD for false imprisonment, arrest and malicious prosecution.
    I have never had a leaving medical from the forces either........wonder will they invite me back for one??? :?

    The reset Officer really was nice however really didn't have a clue about civilian life. Gave out the regulatory pamphlets like confetti and made some pretense at trying to understand the pressure.

    Did my own research and admin. :D

    Rant is now officially over. Thank you RAMC......NOT :x

  11. Mine went something like this:

    Nurse - Do you feel allright?
    Me - Yes
    Nurse - Bye then

    That we about it, oh! and I had to blow into a tube. Not terribly thorough.
  12. Don't wait until resettlement time to start! Make use of the funding that is available for annual education, do some distance learning stuff. If you can, work with the OU, you will be amazed how well you can manage time to get your work done (I managed a Level 2 and a Level 3 course in '03 on the Ark Royal, a couple of courses in Bedfordshire, and the hardest course was the one when I was living at home!)

    The earlier you start prepping, the better you will be placed when it comes to actual "resettlement time". I have a BA(Hons) and start Teacher Training next year - the OU course was instrumental in getting a place because it showed ability to study independently - something we all do! You need self-confidence as well - as an SNCO equiv I am better qualified than most of the the Officers around me now, they are all scrabbling for the MBA courses!

    If you don't want OU, then look at Adult Ed courses around you. Just don't wait until the last minute, or until the Resettlement Officer calls you forward for the interview! I have a friend who is qual'd up, and is now spending his resettlement time doing a 4 week logistics attachment at DisneyWorld - all funded by the mob! I know guys who have gone diving in Israel, studying "golf course management" in the US - and all these guys were already qualified for their next jobs, they were just abusing the system for a change. Me? Civilian work attachments at a school 4 minutes from my front door, no duties, no hassle, no being messed around for 7 weeks in addition to leave!
  13. Was working in the squadron headquarters for the last couple of weeks after getting back from Bosnia when I asked my YofS for time off to go to an interview, the reply was 'Suppose so but when will it stop'. He was a bit shocked when I told him I was out the following week. This was about the time when I got asked if I would like to go to NZ for 6 months if I signed back on.

    One thing to watch out for though. There are a lot of resettlement training companies out there run by ex forces. They know exactly how much you are entitled to and will take every penny while not quite delivering what they promise.
  14. It's a lot harder in the army to do distance learning. With tours you simply cannot allocate or guarentee you will have the time to do courses, and with many doing tours in their last 12 months it is quite hard to predict you will not be deployed at short notice scuppering any chance you have in completing something you have started.