Resettlement available at 21 Sigs

I am told you can now train as a school teacher or speed cop at 21 Sigs, I am told they only train on a compressed week and to qualify you have to be WO1 or above and willing to stand by gates taking peoples names including SNCOs for being late.
To train as a speed cop you have to be Lt Col or above and have an eye that is trained and calibrated to Police speed gun standards to enable you to stop soldiers that are speeding (in your opinion).

Can anyone get me the course dates, sounds Fukcin' Mint, all that power and Fcuk all else to do.
Oh dear, you had your knuckles rapped after coming around the corner like the Sweeney right in front of the Adj?

At least there is a website where you can air your grievance rather than in person... :roll:
The badge celebrates the 25 years the Royal Signals did Helibourne surviellance duties in the Province.

Although we still engineer the ground stations we no longer operate the cameras which is a bit of shame considering the fun it was.
Tubbs said:
Boney have you just fitted a new PC in my office?
If your attempting to Wah me, that is miles away from being wah worthy. Besides, if you are at 21 sigs, there hasnt been such thing as a new PC since 1998.

I agree DISCO loved every minute doing heli-Tele and Chancellor well worth the effort put in by the lads over the years, great fun trying to attach the gymbal to the heli on the pad at lisburn. With some officer coming along saying could i move the lynx because it was disrupting there cricket match, The fact that the sports pitch was primarliy a helipad went down like a lead ballon, what a war to run a war lol.

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