Resettlement - anyone used Anvil Locksmiths?

Anyone used anvil locksmiths? If so what was the training like?

Any info on other locksmith trg providers also appreciated.



You're leaving to become a Locksmith? I take it that you're not after the exciting life then?
I went to the Masterlocksmiths Association, learnt a bit but have managed to get work with a local firm and I am enjoying it.
I applied to the Master Locksmiths Association in Daventry early this year and found out that I coluldn`t use my Enhanced Learning Credits for it. Although they are affiliated to the scheme, the Education Centre at Bicester refused to pay for it.
Odd that ELC paid for my course MLA, they have all the required info if you phone, perhaps Bicester didn't want to look into it properly. PM me if you don't get any further as ELC sent me validation paperwork to complete.
See my PM
Try MATRIX (google it) they look like they have excellent facilities. The MLA stuff is OK and would stand you in good stead (I am a MLA member) but as a ex CMOE operator there is more money drilling open locks than "twiddling away with little bits of bike spokes".
Good luck anyway, job wise try Churchill recruitment, or SSR
I have also looked into becoming a locksmith when i'm finished with this carry on. Any info would be appreciated
Hello guys, ive done a 5 day locksmith course at the National Trades Academy - they do a brilliant 5 day course, lunch and refreshemnts. 3 fully qualified locksmith and glaziers. That brings me on to the next point about their glazing course. They then passed me over to a franchise company and i took one of the lockserve franchises and got a van, more lock training, tool kits and locks, area launch in yellow pages and now im loving it.... worth ringing james i think his name is on 0845 851 9420...


Anvil Locksmiths are currently the only trg company offering a "recognised" Level 3 qualification, and as such attracts ELC funding. Had no negative feedback from any of the guys using the company.
I have had a lot of interest from people wanting to do the Anvil course, as said above, it is the only course that gives you a level 3 qualification, the tools of the trade are also included in the price, I believe the price is around £2400.

The course offered by CTP Aldershot has rocketed from £644 to £1062 plus £32 exam fee, you cant use ELC and all you get from the course is a course attendance certificate. They will sell you the tools at the end of the course if you want them.
Anvil seem to provide a Level 3 qual in just 3 days!! Sound the alarm bells and check with the professional body Master Locksmiths Assoc
they are registered with ELCAS, CGLI, Independant Locksmiths Guild and BSI (UKAS) so they cant be that dodgy
"Anvil Locksmiths are currently the only trg company offering a "recognised" Level 3 qualification, and as such attracts ELC funding. Had no negative feedback from any of the guys using the company."

After my course, I realised that that C+G is not recognised at all in the locksmith industry, so the claims by anvil and all the hype mean nothing. Nobody in the Uk locksmith industry recognises C+G so it is irrelevant as a so called locksmith qualification. I have caught up with many in the locksmith industry who have pleanty of bad things to say about anvil. Check out lockpicking101 and read for yourselves ... best to go with MLA or ICL and do it properly ... RTC is good and despite price increase, is still better value ..... you still get C+G but treat it for what it is and nothing more ...
Probably the most Mickey Mouse course going. You can not wipe your butt with the Qualification and if you ask any established locksmith about it they will laugh at you.

If you are thinking of going on the course ask to take your own locks and for the Instructor to open them as if they were fitted on the right hand side of the door with no drilling.

The way they teach you to open a British Standard mortice is to knock a hole in the door and with a screw driver force off the hard plate and then drill the lock out. What they don't mention is that the majority of British Standard locks you can not force the hard plate off and if you drill on the right you are in for a long day.

Also try their 24hr help line and imagine you are stuck at a door, it is dark, raining and the customer wants in ASAP. You phone up the helpline for advice and surprise surprise an answer machine.

For a course to be good the instructor should be confident that he will open your locks, he will know what a curtain pick or decoder is and be recognized by the top locksmiths in the industry. The likes of Chris Belcher, Martin Newton, Martin Pink, Alan Morgan etc.

The companies that you are advised to work for when on the course, Reactfast, Able, Absolute security etc are call centres. They swamp the Yellow pages etc with adverts as if they were locksmiths. A customer phones them up and they say a locksmith will be there within the hour. They then phone you up if you are on their list and pay you about £20 for a £80 job. You do the work use your tools and fuel and they just take the call.

When you advertise your company on the Yellow pages you will go to the back as these call centres take about 3 -6 adverts each and as they are spending loads they get prime positions. Look in your own area Yellow pages, count the ads. You will find about 20-30 locksmith adverts but bet your butt there is only 2-3 locksmiths in the area. If your area makes enough money for them they will put a Franchise in your area and give him all the work dropping you instantly, you will have in effect build up your competition.

In short Anvil make money training not locksmithing. Anyone can be bluffed over a short course but I don't want to see Forces personnel shafted. Surf lockicking 101, speak to the Institute of Certified Locksmiths and the Master Locksmiths Association. Google City and Guilds and look for a locksmithing qualification.

Locksmithing is a skill and trade that you will never learn in 2-3 days never mind 2-3 years. I won't recommend trainers here as if you do your homework you will find the good guys, remember when you are locked out you don't give a shi" if the locksmith has a qualification, just that he can get you in.

When I set up a good few years back I got about 5 jobs on my first month as I was unknown in the area (about £360). Take away my fuel, advertising budget, insurance, tools I lost over £2000. Luckily I'm a spotter and spent hundreds if not thousands of hours practising picking locks and got into Warrant work where I was booked 4 days a week by the utility companies to gain entry to houses earning good money (£600) per week. Add to this the one or 2 private jobs I earned about £750 per week. I now earn more but for the new guys starting up the warrant side of locksmithing is now fully covered and there is very little spare anywhere. There is also 10 times as many call centres out there so the private market is drying up. Yet Anvil still sells the great shortage of locksmith bull.
I am the course co-ordinator for IR Training ... A Locksmith training company based in Knebworth Hertfordshire.
We have received quite a few different people from other companies who have given them the 3 day and you are now a fully qualified locksmith to retrain properly.
What has been said before on this forum about the NVQ and City & Guilds is true..
Our courses Commercial & Domestic and Auto Locksmithing are 5 day courses.
We offer a guarantee with each course that you will be able to open locks without creating damage by the end of the course although we do teach a way of getting into seized locks etc by way of drilling and other methods.
99% of our customers prefer this to the old drill it out and then replace the lock mechanism method.
unfortunately we cannot offer the enhanced credits yet as someone from the forces environment has to request our services to be added to the list.
For more information please feel free to check out our website or email myself at

Regards to you all and thanks for all that you guys do for us normal civvie's.

We are also able to teach serving members of the Armed Forces covert entry methods that is not available to civilian students.

Pickman (Phil)

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