Resettlement - anyone used Anvil Locksmiths?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Nige, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. Anyone used anvil locksmiths? If so what was the training like?

    Any info on other locksmith trg providers also appreciated.

  2. You're leaving to become a Locksmith? I take it that you're not after the exciting life then?
  3. I went to the Masterlocksmiths Association, learnt a bit but have managed to get work with a local firm and I am enjoying it.
  4. I applied to the Master Locksmiths Association in Daventry early this year and found out that I coluldn`t use my Enhanced Learning Credits for it. Although they are affiliated to the scheme, the Education Centre at Bicester refused to pay for it.
  5. Odd that ELC paid for my course MLA, they have all the required info if you phone, perhaps Bicester didn't want to look into it properly. PM me if you don't get any further as ELC sent me validation paperwork to complete.
  6. what sort of money can you bring home being a locksmith?
  7. See my PM
  8. not seen yet mate
  9. Try MATRIX (google it) they look like they have excellent facilities. The MLA stuff is OK and would stand you in good stead (I am a MLA member) but as a ex CMOE operator there is more money drilling open locks than "twiddling away with little bits of bike spokes".
    Good luck anyway, job wise try Churchill recruitment, or SSR
  10. Did the Anvil course two years ago, will gladly tell you about it if you like, IM me with details.
  11. I have also looked into becoming a locksmith when i'm finished with this carry on. Any info would be appreciated
  12. Hello guys, ive done a 5 day locksmith course at the National Trades Academy - they do a brilliant 5 day course, lunch and refreshemnts. 3 fully qualified locksmith and glaziers. That brings me on to the next point about their glazing course. They then passed me over to a franchise company and i took one of the lockserve franchises and got a van, more lock training, tool kits and locks, area launch in yellow pages and now im loving it.... worth ringing james i think his name is on 0845 851 9420...


  13. Anvil Locksmiths are currently the only trg company offering a "recognised" Level 3 qualification, and as such attracts ELC funding. Had no negative feedback from any of the guys using the company.
  14. I have had a lot of interest from people wanting to do the Anvil course, as said above, it is the only course that gives you a level 3 qualification, the tools of the trade are also included in the price, I believe the price is around £2400.

    The course offered by CTP Aldershot has rocketed from £644 to £1062 plus £32 exam fee, you cant use ELC and all you get from the course is a course attendance certificate. They will sell you the tools at the end of the course if you want them.
  15. Anvil seem to provide a Level 3 qual in just 3 days!! Sound the alarm bells and check with the professional body Master Locksmiths Assoc