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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by poshjock9, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. hello guys

    I was just hoping for a bit of advice. Im getting out the army soon and I would like to use my enhanced learning credits for a course. I'd like it to be computer related and was just wondering if anyone knew of a good one to do that will help me get a job in the big bad outside world.

    Any advice appreciated guys. Thanks
  2. Stay in, IT bods are in the front line when companies look to get rid of staff, they are also becoming ten a penny. You will hate sitting in an office full of civvies answering the same bone question day after day after day.
  3. Very true. But you won't earn £1200 a week in the Army ;)
  4. He won't earn £1200 a week out of it either. Everyone is looking to cut costs, the IT industry is cut-throat anyway and it's going to get worse. Unless you are VERY good it'll be short term contracts in a field swamped by unemployed IT bods. Someone just off the course will not get an interview.
  5. Mate - NOT the time to be leaving. So much is being outsourced to India etc, leaving only high level strategic jobs here.

    Nephew on mine, 3 yrs as programer, Bsc in dead end IT job, sends out 20 CVs weekly , almost no pickup. Stay in, soldier on & do some PD and ride the economic storm safe in the bunker.
  6. I left the Royal Signals in 1996, naturally gravitated to IT, and carried on in that 'trade' ever since. I've got to say that the market for IT geeks is absolutely saturated, due in part from all those bone TV adverts encouraging every bugger and his brother to jump aboard the illusory IT Gravy Train.

    There *are* jobs in IT, but to get anywhere you need both qualifications and experience.

    The qualifications I would recommend are Cisco CCNA and Microsoft MCSE.

    Best of luck....