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I left the RE in 1995 aged 25.
Are you about to leave and feel like you have not had enough advice about resettlement? Do you need advice from ordinary squaddies who have already left? I recently met a 23 years in full screw in RLC who was clearly not ready to take on the challenge of getting a job.

Can we have posts that offer some "Top Tips".

1. Don't under sell your skills, management, supervisory, organisational. Many of your skills are transferable to civilian employers.

2. Get networking. Facebook, mates, family, etc. Tell people you are leaving and looking for work. Business cards with name, mobile, email address.

3. Get decent advice on preparing different CVs which are tailor made for the role which you are applying for.

Good Luck

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1. Agreed - Civ Div is sometimes a collection of dithering idiots. An O Gp would do well as would an get my drift.

2. Agreed - Get networking. Do not shut any door that might open for you...even when it appears already shut.

3. Agreed - Never pay for a CV. Use the www - there is plenty on it. Historical rather than competencies.

4. Temper it down a bit - what you got away with in the past during social time will get you locked up in the real world. You will eventually find those on the same wavelength...they will be ex-serving.

5. Do not settle for lower than market rate - if you have a pension it is NOT part of you package. NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!

6. Get in a job, learn it, and do well. You will progress.


(5 year in the Crabs (Wa*kers), 17 in the Army, 1.5 in the Real World)

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