Resettlement - Advance

I currently have a resettlement course booked commencing on 06 Jan 08 until 23 Feb 08 (Full 7 weeks GRT) now the costs are:

Actual Training costs: £534.00
Exam Fee (SLC): £220.00
Supplied Meals (42 Days) £882.00
Accommodation (49 Days - retained weekends) £2597.00

Now its a perferred supplier for resettlement and I have visited etc and are happy to commence.

Now apart from the Exam Fee, which I will be claiming back 80% afterwards as part of my Standard Learning Credits (SLC), how much of the rest can I have up front?

The firm want payment 10 days beforehand. I have spoken to people here and have been told I can have 80% of my training costs and 90% of the remainder, which leaves a shortfall of about £1000. Now thats a lot to stump up at Christmas.

I was also told I could also claim IE @ £5.00 a day thats another £210.00, but then I was told that maybe I couldnt have an advance of IE but would have to claim for it afterwards, which does not help.

Now to top it off, I have been told that if I submit a claim of that amount it may well be delayed further as it will be automatically audited?

Done 22 years, you get £534 and if you actually have the cheek to try and use it, well then lets make it as difficult as possible for you............ :x

Any guidance would be appreciated.
By the book what you have been advised is correct - just make sure you only put in the correct figures when you book your advance on JPA!!!!!!!

What are retained weekends?

If you are staying then are you not claiming for those weekends worth of food? Even if the company is not feeding you?

If you are not staying why are you paying for the accomadation?

Is this what you are claiming or what you are getting charged?
I thought IE was £10 per day.
The retained days are allowed, basically they cannot rent out the accommodation that I am using at weekends, therefore it is charged, if I was staying then I could claim food and IE too for those weekends, but I am not. Seems a fairly common practice amongst training firms.

IE (UK) is around £5, I think IE (overseas) is £10.

Does anyone know for sure if I can claim IE in advance, and also whether or not I would be allowed to claim in advance 100% of the subsistence/accn?
JSP 752:

03.0170. Advances. Advances of up to 100% of the anticipated subsistence
expenditure are permissible. Advances not cleared by the 31st day after completion of
the duty for which the advance was authorised will be deducted direct from the Service
person’s pay account. Service personnel in possession of a Government Procurement
Card (GPC), and specifically authorised to use it for personal subsistence, should use
that to pay bills, rather than seek an advance of subsistence expenses. GPC cards
can be used for the payment of DS and NS bills, but not for the payment of IE bills (in
accordance with JSP 332 (Low Value Purchases)).

This para does not say specifically that you cannot claim an advance of IE and as IE is covered in this section I would have no hesitation in adding it to the advance, assuming you don't hold a GPC card authorised for personal subsistence!!


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