Resettlement Accommodation

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by DeeMee(A), Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone give me the definitive answer as to whether you are ENTITLED to a hotel or if you have to use mil accom if avail.
    Everyone tells me they think/they're pretty sure etc etc but no one seems to know the absolute correct answer and where to find it.
    Just seems that the toms have to go into mil accom whereas officers always get a hotel.....strange that!
  2. As far as I am aware at this moment in time ( I know someone whos just done it), You can still stay in a hotel but the system has changed so that you can only claim actuals ie receipts for food (up to 22 quid per day) and accom (up to 55 quid per day) and course costs up to 534 quid. You are also entitled to 5 quid a day for misc items ie papers, tel calls, laundry etc

    I believe the big change comes along in April where 1000 squid is payed bust and you will need to stay in Mil Accom. Dont forget to exploit your ELCs and Annual ed allowance of 175 squid too. If you dont spend it Gordon Brown will. Hope this helps but ultimately ask your RAO and double check it with another mate in a different unit as confirmation.

    I think according to QRs you also need to have done enough time to qualify for the package ie 9+ but dont quote me on that - check QRs to be sure.
  3. On a resettlement course you must use mil accn if available. You might argue with the pay staff that for example a transit block with 10 other guys is not SUITABLE accn if you need to study in the evenings and they might accept that and allow you to find B&B or a hotel using CHBS. Some courses are residential and so the NRSA rate can be claimed. This will be shown on the breakdown of costs given to you by the trg provider.
    Check with your IERO's clerk
    There is no change to the rules in April. Don't know where DEE MEE got that.