Resettlement Accommodation


Anyone here tell me the exact rules for accom whilst on a Resettlement cse, is it the same as any other cse in that if service accom is avail then you must take that. I ask only as it seems the ORs are given that advice whereas the Offrs always seem to get a hotel room. Funny that!
As far as I'm aware its an entitlement so you can book your own accom and dont have to stay in service accom.

Top tip book it your self the the CHBS and that way you get a better hotel as if you book it yourself then you are resticted to £55 a night if I remember rightly.

When i went through it last year I rang them up up told i needed a hotel with a gym, internet access and where it was, they found a good one faxed the booking confirmation to the people dealing with my resettlement and Bob was indeed my mothers brother!