Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by DeeMee(A), Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Anyone help me on here with regards to the above? Do I HAVE to stay in an army bks if its avail (even if the mess describe themselves as unsuitable for study) or is it a right for me to be able to stay in a hotel? I cant help but think no officer would accept the mess somehow; would appreciate some advice :D
  2. I've been on civvy courses where it has been argued that it would be a disadvantage for me to stay in a mess due to the amount of study required in the evenings and the mess being an unsuitable study area (I've got no problems doing Open Uni study in the mess though). It was then very easy to get a non-availiability chit from the mess and I booked a hotel through CHBS. All paid for by the MOD. :D

    It also helps if you've got to travel more than 30 mins to the course everyday.
  3. I have experienced this and as far as I see it is very much down to interpretation of your RAO as you are supposed to use Mill Accom. If this is not suitable a good RAO will waive the rule in your favour and attach a note from your OC to the claim explaining why mil accom was not used so when the books get inspected their is a reason why public money was used.

    So, IMHO, it is really down to how robust your RAO is! Could you not get the mess to do a non-avail chit.....
  4. If the accm is tied to the course then they should pay the amount that is invoiced provided that the course is supported by a 363 (resettlement form)
  5. 28 days NRSA used to be the standard. see if you can do a deal with the hotel.
  6. One of my lads had a load of trouble recently. The RAO insisted that he stayed in military accommodation, so he was put in a huge transit room in Aldershot for a few weeks to do so NEBOSH course. There was no power socket near his bedspace, no working bedside lamps, no chair, no table and he had to share with various transitting rugby teams in the same room (cue loud noisy parties virtually every night), effectively meaning he had no ability to study and there was never any peace and quiet. Every other person on the course was in a hotel. It was an absolute disgrace. I bet if one of the clerks was on resettlement, he would get far better!
  7. 28 days NRSA used to be the standard. see if you can do a deal with the hotel.