Reservoir or secret bunker?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Touring in the peak district over the weekend we drove past a water reservoir on a hilltop - you know the sort - rectangular grassed over mound in a small compund - various hatches etc. on the roof. Didn't look quite right somehow. Nearby was another one with a sign saying Severn Trent Water, looked different to the first one. A couple of miles away was one like the first one, telephone connection, a small aerial like a TV aerial attached to an electrical cabinet in the corner of the compound and no Severn Trent Water signs again.

    This symbol was on a small sign by the gate:

    Any ideas? I thought that all the ROC bunkers were disused now. Perhaps they're just water tanks after all!

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  2. Boathouse? :)
  3. Phone lines and radio antennas could merely be part of a complex control and monitoring system..... for the levels of water in the reservoir before anyone gets carried away.

    I may be wrong, but ROC radio antennas and even the masts were generally stored in the bunker, the mast usually in the shaft (if it were vertical) to prevent damage from EMP and blast, etc. They weren't deployed until activation.

    EX_STAB please send me your address and the details and addresses of all you have spoken to on this subject. You may need an eyetest.

  4. You will be amazed what runs underneath your house etc....many years ago, part of a trade course, we visited ESSO Fawley terminal and went into the Control Room for the pipeline that runs from Fawley to various points around the UK. The one person who mans the room showed us a big map of the UK on a computer screen and pointed to a symbol of a valve. It was under Sheffield or somewhere like that, with a touch of the button he opened the valve and sent fuel to Scotland. I expect the water companies do the same thing, and by looking at your sign/symbol it looks like a valve type sign anyway.
  5. I suppose "T" for tap is a bit obvious!. Could be T for telecoms. Probably not T for Two :D
  6. In a previous career one of my colleagues tried to dig an archaeological investigation trench across part of this network in Bedfordshire. The place was crawling with helicopters and cars full of angry blokes quicker than you can say Tony Robinson.
  7. It could be T for "TRANSFORMERS, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE.... as a water reservoir."
  8. Most likely. My day job involves a lot of time in and around Clean Water distribution systems and infrastructure built a few years apart can look quite different. The presence or absence of the various masts or antennea can depend on where it sits in the SCADA system and even whether its in use at all. Also there are now loggers which use the cellular network doing away with the need for the masts in amy cases.

    The one in the google map seems to be located to supply the area to the east including the little village.

  9. Thats just what you want us all to think... hey, is that a helicopter?
  10. Dirty bastards. Imagine doing that to a phone someone's going to hold up to their face.
  11. :)

    I had a colleague who responded to any question along the lines of "What are you doing mister?" with "Fcuk off or I'll P155 in your reservoir".