Reservists 'were not poorly prepared'


There was a rush to call up reservists for the Iraq war but the soldiers were not poorly prepared for action, military chiefs have said.
Lieutenant General Anthony Palmer, the deputy chief of defence staff, said deploying some reservists in the short time given was a "close run thing".

But he and other reservist commanders told a committee of MPs their troops had received training to make sure they were not in danger through lack of preparation


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The guys at RTMC were working their arrses off for tranch 1 especially, but there is only so much can be done in the week or so of formal pre-deployment training. Besides, isn't it the TA's responsibility to maintain their own state of readiness? While the scale of mobilisation for GW2 may have been a surprise surely the TA as an organisation should have been ready for such an eventuality - extra emphasis on ITD's and NBC etc.

TA units are on a certain readiness to move, which is substantially longer than the notice period given to many individuals.

What has been learnt is that the NTM for a unit is not same NTM for individuals.

Agreed, the TA should be up to speed with ITD's etc. However, many of the reservists may have been ex-reg within 5 years of leaving who suddenly found a letter dropping through the door. Many wouldn't have bothered to, (or wanted to) join the TA after PVR, and would have needed bringing up to speed.
Also the level of training varies from TA unit to unit. Some very slick and professional, so.
I was on Telic 1 and the training I received at Grantham by the Royal Green Jackets was excellent. The young JNCOs there were a thoroughly competent bunch and pitched their training just at the right level. Well done boys.

I didn't think much of the fact that I wasn't able to have any work up trg with my unit when I reached Kuwait - but that's a different story and not the fault of the unit or the Army.
I was on Telic 1 and our NTM went from 90 days to 14 days in about as long as it takes to say it. As a unit we were up to speed with ITDs and NBC, so grantham was a bit redundant fro us, However the individuals we had with us were a bit behind the curve.

I am happy to be on a low NTM just tell us what it is and giv us theresourses to train for it.
Yeoman always assume that between the Govt, Glasgow and the Civil Service there will always be the Mating elephant effect. There will be a lot of noise, a great deal of self congratulation and trumpeting about how good they are and then nothing happens for a very long time until the elephant equivalent of the midwife call for lots of hot water and towels and there is general panic all around.

In short make sure you're ready to go at any time, and stuff all this ninety days nonsense.

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