Reservists prepare for Uniform to Work Day

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 3, 2011.

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  2. How madly interesting...
  3. Brill, loving the Jocks moves, but a poorly bearded matelot and a hobbyist crab who has allowed a chimp to shape and apply his lid are the best you can muster?
  4. Curious that the TA soldier who is identified as one of the uniform to work wearers is currently serving in Afghanistan - and will be on U2W Day (unless he's on leave, in which case he'd be a mug to go into work). Maybe he'll go on patrol wearing his welders' overalls?
  5. If that chick was a stab .... I'd be well up for a reservist out of uniform days.... impressive frontage
  6. This is a story about the TA ironing their kit?

    What else could they mean by 'preparing for Uniform to Work day'?
  7. I thought it was a story about a TA soldier successfully (and nationally) taking the piss out of the crabs.
  8. :D - Thank **** he's not a Deep Sea Diver.
  9. His mates are just grateful that he's not a Morris Man.

    Nice one, Eddie.