Reservists called up for Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoringUsername1, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - London 2012: Reservists called up to boost security
  2. Bravo Bravo, your day has arrived.
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  3. Or, in other words, called up to stag on.
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  4. Brilliant

    so what they are really saying is the Olympics will be secured by students on their summer break and blokes who's jobs are menial enough for their employers to let them go on a month long piss up and barbeque.
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  5. If they call this an Operation he'll do a Joe Glenton.
  6. Oh the glamour. TA = cut price labour with no overtime. I am so glad I left.

    Refuse to not soldier Bravo_Bravo......
  7. So, if pretty much everyone is crawling around in London, who's watching the rest of the country?
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  8. _46287268_new_generic_pcso2_bbc.jpg
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  9. And ex-psi's (if your privvy to same fb convo I read)
  10. Hmm...I'm suddenly getting the feeling that my employer will become unsupportive, or at least they will be when I tell them to.

    Two months doing litter sweep and stagging on?...yeah thanks, but no thanks. I think I'll do my day job, you know, the one that pays the bills and not the one that's arrse covering for some politician and G4S.
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  11. Am I the only one thats slightly looking forward to it, even if its to 'help' the lost foreign milfs?
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  12. Have you had training on the spike, litter, picking up for the use of? Have you done your MATTS and WHT on the said instrument?
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  13. You're assuming a)The MOD has a plan and b)they're organised

    I would expect the majority to know what they're doing 2 weeks in advance.
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  15. I know a couple of lads that have been pinged for this, despite not speaking English (They are Scottish you see) and not having supportive employers (one is self employed and cannot really afford not to do his "proper" job, the other one has been told by his boss that he has to take the time out of his holidays!)