Reservists Call Up - will it work?

As you are all aware, in addition to a strike by some very boring and endlessly repetative people, we may be facing the largest call up of reserves (not TA) since the Korean War.

Will it work, will the chosen give up their family, job etc. possibly just before Christmas in order to top up the Armed Forces that were butchered by SDR?

What is the position if a Reservist had been made redundant in the first place?

Will the courts be full of appeals.

Please no comments about the other business!!!!!!!!
Not sure it will work myself. I just can't see thousands of reservists willingly turning up at reporting points no matter what the government says. I've heard upto 10,000 will be required! :eek: I suspect the courts will be full if T B Liar trys it.
This pre-supposes that the MoD still have an up to date contact address for the Reservists.  And do we have enough kit to fit them out?

Pre-RFA 1995 the Reserves had to be mobilised before the TA (2 minutes probably) .  Is this still the case?
As i understand it yes.

Given that a recent report said that up to 25% of homeless are ex-service men then i agree it will be difficult to find an up to date contact list!!

Calling up reserves makes little sense to me as the majority, presumably, left because they did nopt like being in the Armed Service.  At least if the TA are called up the starting point is a little more promising.

I should add that as an ex regular who transferred to the TA I am no longer able to be called up as a Reservist.

Therefore if you wish to avoid being called up - join the TA!!!
It will be an interesting thing to watch.  Who will they go for? The Reservist who have a legal liability to return to "The Colours" but probably would prefer not to and the Volunteer Reservist who "should" be keen to.  (I acknowledge than there may keen Reservists and unwilling VRs.)
I think legally it will be on shaky ground. The reserve was designed to cover the UK in case of national survival. This is definitely not that. So most I suspect could challenge any call up in the European courts should they so desire.

Besides a force of called up reservists who don’t want to be there is a recipe for disaster.

I would be interested to know how many would go willingly if called. Any reservists on here want to say if they would go or not?
I am not a Reservist (yet) but would add that
most soldiers leave because they get fed up with Guards and Duties, cr@p postings, family issues etc. Given the chance to deploy for a good punch up it's amazing how many want to get stuck in.


Many of those on the reservist list will have families and good jobs/standard of living in civvy street. They will be extremely reluctant to come back...I wouldn't blame them. ;)
I think you're barking up the wrong tree to some extent...the word "reservists" encompasses BOTH ex Regulars and TA.  The TA are certainly the element of the Reserve most likely to be called out first, although with this particular operation in the sand there may be a requirement for small numbers of ex-Regulars to be mobilised as well.
Well, you've got Volunteer Reserves (TA) and Regular Reserves (ex-Regulars), so the encompassing way to refer to the Reserve Forces is as "reservists".  Confusing to some...!
I was refering to the regular reserve.


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Either way, Yeo is quite right
Will it work, will the chosen give up their family, job etc. possibly just before Christmas in order to top up the Armed Forces that were butchered by SDR?
The government are entirely responsible here, and of course it started way before the SDR...
I don`t think the majority will CGS.
Current plans involve:

1. Looking at the requirement.
2. Calculating the shortfall.
3. Looking at how many Volunteer Reservists (TA) are available.
4. Worrying about the remaining shortfall.
5. Trying to find enough Regular Reservists to plug the remaining gap.

Current rule of thumb for planning purposes - you need to call up FIVE Regular Reservists just to get ONE!!

And for some key trades, there aren't enough even if we took them all.

Still, at the least the Army makes an effort to stay in contact with Reg Res (even if it is just with an annual questionnaire, which runs at just under a 50% return rate). The RAF no longer bother - they make a note of who you were when you left, and rely on you to contact them if any details change!
I think Iraq might be the straw that breaks the camel`s back.

It`s obvious the government have been told over and over again that there is a resource problem in the military. It is also obvious that they don`t care. There is no way, I don`t think, that the army will be able to offer anything more than a Bde, if that, to the yanks this time. The regular reserve is a paper one lets be honest. Most who left will have lost a lot of their skills. I left 6 years ago and will have forgotten a lot of what I used to know. Most will tell the MoD to go swivel if called, I know I will. Besides a lot of us will not put up with the bull$hit do as you`re told attitude any more.

I really don`t think you guys have the numbers to do it this time with all the other commitments you have. I don`t know what the answer is for this little jaunt either.

Obviously the long-term answer is LOTS more money and manpower. You ain’t going to get either I suspect.

Any one disagree?
Whole heartedly agree with you O_S.  

The other question is how the call up of reservists (both reg and TA)  will affect key public services - esp. Hospitals, I can just hear the screams from the NHS trusts as they realise how many surgeons, doctors, nurses and auxilaries they are going to loose if/when they are mobilised - it's not as if there are enough to spare at the moment!

In some ways this could very well be the death knell for the reserve forces as we know it. They are under funded, under manned and lacking a serious strategic direction.  The reserves as a body are not strategically capable of supporting a huge/any operation, due to many of the reasons stated above and plenty more (compensation to employers being a key financial one).
You are right. Nicking doctors and nurses to send out to the gulf is not a vote winner so guess what? No medical assets other than what are serving will be available. Last time we had to ask the Dutch and Swedes. Things are in a worse state now. Go on tell me I`m wrong. Dare you.

One of the reasons I left the army was because I could see this day coming and nothing I could do would prevent it. We are going to suffer higher casualties this time. More than is necessary because of under funding.

Under funding = lack of training and cr*p equipment. Ask yourself when the last time was you fired your rifle? Threw a hand grenade? Fired a live 66mm? The farce with the SA80! C2 which will not work in the desert! The comms kit is the same stuff I trained on in 1984! 18 sha**ing years ago. Bet they still use ******net in NI? That should have been phased out in 1998!

Sadly lots of people will have to die before anything changes. I wasn`t, and am not, prepared to because politicians won`t spend the money. My life and all yours is worth considerably more than that.

So pi$$ed off about this have just written to my MP.

Remember those famous words “don`t worry you will get it in theatre” most of which we did not get. Things have got considerably worse since then.


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End of the Reseerves as we know them?  Hopefully, yes - if replaced by a National Guard style force.  Can't see that happening though - just too expensive.

Wishful thinking, then.  We have what we have, and will have to get on with it.  Face it - a Large Scale, or even Large Scale (-) operation can't run or be sustained without TA.  However, if we did say we were going in, watch out for all the happy furriners who'd want to come in with us!  I bet the Aussies, Kiwis, Dutch and even maybe the frogs would gladly join a UK Bde, but not a Yank one!
Yes, almost any new deployment on the scale of what is proposed for GWII will require the TA - but i bet if you do see the TA being mobilised you be lucky to get a Platoon out of Bttln strength and most of that will be the PSi's.

The TA as an organisation, now is a farce (with the exception of some units) - there is not the training, management, strategic vision or funding to sustain a large scale deployment or the will within most of its members to take an active part in a war fighting role (some members are keen and capable - large numbers aren't!)  I say this as someone who has served for 10 years in the TA and have spent some of my civvie career looking at just this issue for HMG.

Will watch with some sadness all that happens, especially when body bags start trundling home.

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