Reservist/TA call up???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by antiwar, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone answer these quetions for me.

    If you served in the regular army, then left and went onto the reserve. Then decided to join the TA, in a different role, would you then come off the reserve list again?

    Would you be be likely for call in your new role?

    If you then left the TA, would you then go back onto the reserve list, and what role would you be in then?

    Does that make sense? Basically if you say served as a chef in the regs, then left and joined the TA in the infantry, which would you be called up as?

    1. Whilst you were in the TA?
    2. After you`d left the TA?
  2. Called up in your new role. Unless your particular culinery(sp) skills were in short supply.
  3. I left the crabs joined the TA , officially came off the raf reserve list

    Easy answer eh !
  4. After leaving the regulars you go onto the reserve list, your call out liabilty is then a lot less than being in TA.

    This reserve list was traditionally the first call of port to back fill regular units but it took around 7 people to be called up back to the colours to fill one place. Whereas for the TA it needs 2-3 people to be called up. Using the TA is far more efficient and so is now the first port of call when looking for reserves.
  5. Cheers Guys, so basically, if your in the TA you`ll be called up first, unless Russian Paratroopers are landing in Whitehall, and they need chefs asap.

    But lets say that did happen would they have to go via my TA unit in order to get me or would the papers just come threw the post? And could I say I haven`t been a chef for years, but am a fully qualified anti tank gunner?
  6. What if I left the TA after my four years, what would happen then, would I become a chef reservist again or stay an infantry anti tank gunner?

    Does the TA have a reserve? ie once you leave can you still be recalled or is that it?
  7. I think you would go back on the reserves list with 2 hats so to speak.
  8. Right what would happen if you left the Regular Army, went into the ACF and got a commission (Type C), would you then be liable to call up as a 2nd Lt!!!!!!!
  9. Good point I had thought of that.......what would happen say if you left the regs as a Lance Jack, but left the TA as a Warrant Officer, would you then be called up as a WO Chef, or a Lance Jack Infantry soldier.

    Surely there must be some sort of legislation written down somewhere to cover this otherwise you could have someone with no idea about one role, called up in a senior position and not have a clue or a gen up soldier in a junior role???

    Awwwww my brain is starting to hurt!!!!!!!!!
  10. little off thread sorry
    If you are a Reservist are you still under milltary law?
  11. I wouldn`t have thought so, as civilian law, carries more weight that military law, however, if you break the official sercets act, you can be tried by both!!!! But I suppose it depends greatly on what your crime was?
  12. So as a reservist (Pte) but in say the Cadets as a Civilian C/Sgt you could be charged under civilian and military law?

  13. Depends what you`ve done, I suppose, but I would have thought that say you`d been embezzeling funds from the Cadets, then i would have thought that you`d be dealt with under civvy law, and discarded from the cadets, but wouldn`t have thought that this would make any diffence to your reservist status? I mean you could go years and years as a reservist before being called up, so yes you`d be dealt with by civvy law, like any common criminal. Hope this helps?
  14. Non attenders who have failed to resign and who have not yet run out their three year contract can be called up. Otherwise my understanding was when your gone your gone......
  15. Ah but they don't HAVE to attend Chillwell, could just not attend and I don't think there is much that can be done except kicking them outa the TA... Which they would not really mind.