Reservist sick pay

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oggie1234, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. I recently attended a training weekend and was unable to complete both days due to sickness (flu), and thus went home halfway through the weekend. Should I be able to claim pay for the 2nd day, effectively sick pay. Obviously I had organised my life/work to allow 2 days dedicated to mil trg, but was unable to do this due to illness. Is it fair that I am not remunerated for this in the same way that a regular or FTRS employee would be?

    According to ACAS pages on rights for part-time employees (i.e Reservists) are the same as full-time employees when it comes to benefits like sick pay.
  2. Good luck claiming that one.

    I think you have two hopes and Bob isn't here at the moment
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    No, you are not entitled to 'sick pay'. check TA Regs.
  4. This isn't a wah is it...
  5. Part time workers directive does not apply.

    TA comes in as Casual labour.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Right of pay for part-time workers is, wait for it.... for part-time workers. TA on MTDs are NOT PART-TIME WORKERS! Sorry for the Caps, but this has been raised so many times over the years.

    The essence of MTDs is - you do not have to turn up (no RMPs come knocking if you can't be arrsed to attend) and on the other side, the Army doesn't have to train you (weekends canceled at the last minute, anyone?). This is the essence of a casual work relationship, NOT PART-TIME.

    There, got that off my chest for another year.

    If you injure yourself on Duty, that's a different matter - but in this case, just take the day off and stay in bed.
  7. Presume this makes sense to someone?

    Part time workers rights come in after 117 days completed. If your Bde will allow you past that...........
  8. The Regs are in JSP 754 Chapter 4

    Disability and Illness during Training

    04.0221. When individuals have commenced, but are unable to complete a period of paid training due to disability or illness, they will continue to be paid up to the end of the period for which they were required for training subject to the following conditions:

    a. Pay is not to be issued for more than 30 days from the commencement of a disability or illness not due to military service.

    b. If the disability or illness is due to military service and extends beyond the training period for which the individual was required, then disability allowance will become payable (see Section 4).

    c. This period shall not preclude incremental progression.

    My reading of that is that yes, you should be paid for the second day.
    To get paid beyond that you would need to prove that the disability was directly related to service - falling off a wall on the obstacle course. Not sure that Flu counts !
  9. Grow a spine!!!

    Went home because of flu??

    So Friday night you felt fine, Saturday suddenly felt a bit poorly so decided to go home early?

    I mean come on its only really one and 3/4 days ish to cover, if it was genuine and the medic or MO said yes, this blokes really bad then it would have to be a hard CSM or PSAO who would not allow you the benefit of the doubt and still cover your days pay.
  10. Grow a pair. Fucking flu, I know people who have completed courses of the arduous nature with worse, a bit more difficult than the first day of basic training.

    I bet you're a figure of ridicule at the moment.
  11. If I hadn't reported for mobilisation coz I had the sniffles, would I still qualify for a medal?

    But in fairness to oggie1234 man-flu is the only illness that is proven to be more painful than childbirth. He has my sympathies.
  12. Before I jump on the bandwagon - isn't flu when you are sat in bed, gibbering with shivers, muscle ache, throwing up, fever and unable to move and it knocks you out for a few days?

    Whereas what most people call flu is nothing more than a cold.
  13. Oh man flu!!!!

    you should have said, you have my sympathies :(
  14. the very one. there is only one way to diagnose the flu. If there was a £20 note at the bottom of the stairs, would you get out of bed to get it? If the answer is anything other than "No, I cant, Im so ill, my teeth itch, please kill me now" then you dont have the flu.