Reservist pay q

Right spare me the incoming cos I've no idea here, really.

all figures from jpa -
Got out of reservist training 26/5/08 - pay upped substantially (~25%) to £14945.74
upped 2.8% to 15364.31 next tax year (1/4/09)
upped 2.77% to 15789.56 on 26/5/09 (so up to level 2 I guess)
then on 1/4/10 there got 2% up to 16105.32. So presumably on lvl 3 by 26 of next month?

couple of things -
- My grade has been 'OR2 | OR MAIN | 01 since my jpa records began. Does that not change with levels (increments?)

- Why two separate pay increases - one on my annual increment date (26 May) and one on new tax year?

- looking at rates of pay for minions 2010/11, mine seems to fall short in annual terms. Or is this meant to be for reservists?

eg Lvls 1-3 this year are: 17957, 17486 & 17015 respectively. Surely not that big a hike from previous years?

let me know your thoughts and/or abuse
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