Reservist Pay Award

I'm considering volnteering for a 2nd Herrick Tour. If all goes through smoothly it will mean it's 1 1/2 yrs since I was last demobbed. Which means I will be within the usual mobilised for 1 year within a 3 year peroid rule.

My question is - Will I still be entitled to having my civvie pay matched, under the Reserve Forces (Call-out and Recall) (Financial Assistance) Regulations 2005.

Yup, then your pay will be protected, just don't tell your civy employers you're volunteering or anyone else who might tell them; the MoD loves getting an earful when that happens... :roll:
Watch this, you may be the wrong side of the rules, check with your RAO etc as if you do not they will not help when it all goes wrong.
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