Reservist Employment Preference Proforma

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone had any joy filling one of these out and getting a mobilised slot, Im looking at trying mobilising out of trade this year and wondered if this would increase my chances of getting anywhere?
  2. Are you going for jobs off the OCE list?
  3. No, all SNCO jobs unless your with the slime, I just noted on the form it said:

    "Please insert RAOL post ref number below, if you are just expressing a general interest, please leave blank, your details will be held for future reference etc etc"

    And thought it might be worth a punt, the RAOL list isnt that great now, during the early Telics, there were loads of E2 posts for OR's advertised, its probably a sign of the times that the Regs are manned up! I will keep trying, the way its going I would evenconsider Op Tesco, sorry Tosca!
  4. Last time I looked on Reserves Div website it said very solidly that you had to be applying for a specific post and something to the effect that they did NOT keep a list of those expressing a general interest. Probably comes under the "All too Difficult" heading....
  5. Indeed it does:
    "The sole mechanism for expressing interest in FTRS posts is by submitting a FTRS Application Form, which for all TA personnel must be countersigned by the TA CO.

    MS Reserves do not maintain a 'waiting list' of potential volunteers. Reservists seeking full-time employment should monitor the RAOL and if they consider themselves suitable, should formally apply for posts as advertised."

    But Im not interested in any FTRS posts, the FTRS application is a different document to the REPP one, I think I will get it signed off and send it in, nothing to lose!
  6. We have sent a number of REPPs to Glasgow the result has been the square root of $%^& all!! Don't waste your time - best to keep an eye on the OCE/RAOL and apply for a specific post.

  7. Forgot to say - Let us know how you get on and if you get a response.