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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bren586, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    As a reservist in a well paying civy job what could I expect in terms of compensation for my loss of earnings if I received an "invitation" to a sunny holiday.

    I have had several letters asking if I would like to come back and I am some what concerned about the compensation part if they get really desperate and order me back into the mob.

    Does any one have a reference to what I could hope to get as I doubt they would pay me the total difference.


    And of course this has been covered in an earlier post.

    Gives some pretty bad news for me.
  2. Get in touch with Chilwell they administer reservists. I seem to remember an ex RE lad who was in the same boat as you. After digging about there was a top rate of about £20,000, but that was some years ago and things may have moved on. You may be able to justify a higher rate if you can prove that you will suffer hardship as a result of the 'invite'

    best of luck and it would be nice to see what the outcome is - please keep this thread updated.
  3. Would it come down to a cash decision?

    "He is too expensive for a cpl, we will have the other one"

    Or would they actually fork out 548 quid a day for an ex soldier who was now working as a trader in London (Not me!) and was due the huuuuge bonus ?

    I will just state what a reservist gets when they are called up

    The old rules were manifestly unfair with a cap for a cpl and below of 28,000 pounds. If you had a large salary and the bills to go with it then you could apply for extra money to meet your mortgage and so. But only for outgoings, not savings. If you lost your company car you got an allowance of 15 quid a week. There were very tight deadlines for getting this money and it was not easy.

    New rules - no rank cap. Everyone bar the Medical Consultants gets the same cap - 548 pounds a day. The Medical Consultants get 822 pounds a day.

    So if you earn 100,000 a year and your military pay is 28356.85 then you get a top up of 71643.15 or 196 pounds a day.

    They will pay your company pension.

    Plus you can get money for childcare, pet care, relative care and so on.

    In short you should not be worse off if you are called up

  4. As a tax payer I hope this is how it works. It would seem sensible to take the least expensive employee for their requirements.

    I also hope this will make me more appealing for mobilisation in that I would be paid the least. But I don't actually have a scoobies how they make their decisions.
  5. Hmmmmm...why join the ta in the first place if you can't do your time and deploy? why all the hype about money? hmmmm questionable circumstances.
  6. With the greatest respect, if it were not for COLI many people would not be able to mobilise. If you are earning hodloads in civvy street and run an expensive civvy wife, own a civvy house and have civvy children in public school but are unable to claim Boarding School Allowance, then yes I think you might be shy of mobilising.

    COLI is not a scam, it is compensation for loss of income. The caps were always b0ll0cks, because they assumed that if you were a mere Captain say, then how could you possibly be earning x amount of wonga. With my COLI I was probably the highest paid Captain in NATO outside the Med Svcs in 1995-1996! However I didn't make any extra money and indeed lost my job when I agreed to stay on in theatre for an extra three (original offer) to five(final offer) months!

    So it isn't about people riding a TA gravy train and then getting thin on the ground when the chips are down and I don't like the implication you offer apparently.
  7. The allowances referred exist to ensure that the reservist does not suffer financially when mobilised in peacetime. They're not there to allow them to make a profit, simply to make sure the mortgage gets paid. Is that really so unreasonable ?

    Without such a guarantee of financial neutrality for peacetime mobilisation you'd see two things; soldiers leaving, and a stream of stories about repossessions of deployed reservists houses in the papers.