Coming to the end of my 22 part of which has been spent with "the resreves", I often wondered what it would take to need to recall reserves, has a recall of reserves ever happened in modern times etc. Is it the case that its the TA next when numbers are low, then when we are really in the shoite the reserves get a phone call. Over to the NAAFI, any experience of this?

PS - This is in the bar as I cant find a forum which it fits in.

I seem to recall there were a few people who got the letter through the door for Telic 1 who augmented us a bit. Not entirely sure if it was 'compulsory' mobilisation though.
RMR were called out for the Balkans (memory's failing, it may have been Gulf 1). I don't know how compulsory it was, but the half dozen lads who were training with us just packed their bags and left.
My call-up for Telic 1 included a number of blokes who thought they'd been off the Reserves List for years. These guys hadn't even done TA or worn uniform in more than ten years. No idea how the system decided to get hold of them.

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