RESERVES - subsistence claims when away from home stn.



Myself and a couple of colleagues are on ADC, and we report for duty daily at RHQ, which is not our home station.

Our boss told us that, as we were not working at our home station, we we're entitled to £5 subsistence claims daily.

Without going into much boring detail, doubt has been cast on this entitlement.

Can anyone please confirm whether or not we are gen entitled to claim this , or perhaps point me to an official document where I might find this info?

Many thanks,


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The £5 Incidental expenses allowance (IEA) was abolished for UK detached duty 2ish years ago. Its now only available if overseas orhospitalised


appreciate your reply, thank you.

to finally put it to bed, are we entitled to *anything at all*, when we work away from our normal place of duty and cannot access service messing?

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Subsistence Allowance and Incidental Expenses are two completely different things. Unless they've changed it again you could claim up to £20 odd quid for day subsistence, you must have receipts though. As previously mentioned the useful and easy to claim incidental expenses have all but been binned.
Of course it would be cheaper to the tax payer if you could claim Meals Out Allowance but the grasping cnuts have all but stopped that as well.

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