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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Whilst we await the outpourings of a few civil servants who have been asked to do the impossible, and as it's all very serious these days, I thought it was time we had some Reserve Review Rumours, to lighten the tone for summer perhaps?

    I'd heard that Royal Signals TA are to be rebadged Tactical Wing, Information Technology Specialists...

    They also believe that the RMP should be rebadged FANY.
  2. Due to current situation there are no longer any reserves, all reserves to check their post tomorrow for brown envelopes kindly inviting you's to come out and play :D

    P.s cept the scalies, its not that desperate yet :twisted:
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Rumour has it that this will be a solid and thorough review with some real intellectual input which will provide us with:

    - a clear mission and mandate
    - provide additional funding
    - restore the morale of the organisation
    - bring us up to full strength
    - re-populate the Officers' Mess with YOs
    - reduce the paperwork burden
    - put the fun back into the TA

    but then again, it might not.

  4. msr

    With such an active imagination (and obvious talent for comedy), I see a place on the panels of Mock the Week and Have I got news for You.
  5. I am far to old and frail AKA 'gin soaked so a return to the days of the HSF as the Reserve for the Reserves, perhaps
  6. All yeomanry to be issued Horses.
  7. Arby

    Get with the times Challenger 2 or FRES !!!! :wink:

  8. msr

    msr LE

    And artillery - to replace the RB44
  9. All TA Regt's & Battalions being merged in to their closest reg unit. As support for rear party guard duties/fire piquet when reg unit on ops.

  10. The HAC are to be finally issued black nasty eye guards

  11. Now that IS funny!!
  12. Can you imagine the number wanting to join if they got free horse riding lessons! Hey, not a bad idea!
  13. and not just an idea, just put a bid in for the course, it is there.... somewhere
  14. please don't let that be a wah. Please let it be real, please? Pretty please?
  15. The Army School of Equitation is part of the Defence Animal Centre based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Along with the Equine Division, the site is shared between the Army School of Farriery, The Services Veterinary Hospital and The Canine Division.

    The school comprises of 150 stables, an indoor riding school, menage, cantering track, jump lanes and a 60 fence cross-country course along with 240 acres of grazing.

    Captain Richard Lyne, Equitation Officer and former member of the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, is the man in charge of the activities at the School of Equitation. Although the main objective is to provide equitation training for the mounted units within the London District (The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and The Household Division make up the mounted units of the British Army - about 400 horses in total) the School provides equitation training for other members of the Armed Forces too.

    i've only known one TA person who has managed to do a course there though.