Reserves after full career??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cakenarse, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. I have been out for 3 years after serving 23 years but have received a letter from Glasgow stating i am on the full time reserve list and as such can be mobilised, can they do this even though i dont want to be on the reserve list. I have done my bit for queen and country so they can now poke it and mobilise some of the wasters that sit on their chav arses claiming social handouts at my expense.
  2. My understanding is that the chances you will ACTUALLY be mobilised are remote to say the least. Having said that; with the state of the economy you might be grateful for another stint in green!!!
  3. Not a chance of another stint in green, did 28 months in afghan on 12k a month so halved mortgage so pension more than covers whats left so dont need to chase the buck anymore.
  4. When I signed on for the crabs* I was fully aware that it was for 9 years regular plus 6 years reserve.

    * Other types of venereal disease are available.
  5. Yes they can do it, it is part of military law. a few months after I retired I received notification that I may be required to mobilise because of GW1 (probably to serve in UK, thereby releasing some other, younger bugger to go). At the time I was in Pakistan, so I sent them a quick message via 33 and never heard from them again.

    When I got to 55 I received a letter saying that my liability for recall had ended .... BUT ... "there is a residual liability ...... but in practice this is unlikely to be activated ... " So when I left, they could call me up until age 70. although unlikely over 50 years of age and highly unlikely after that.
  6. Bluddy hell,12k a month. Are you a Lt Gen? Or a liar!
  7. What a joke, you give the best years of your life to serve your country and when you leave you can still be called up, yet the country is full of freeloaders tht do sod all for the country and bleed it dry but will never be called up.
  8. You'll still have to pass a medical too, so if you don't want to play just get a sick note from your mum....
  9. And if that only helped pay off half his big is his ******* house?
  10. I think he means he was on 12K month after leaving the forces.

    I was on 750 US dollars a day, 2 years ago whilst working in Iran. So I was banking over 14,000 quid a month. The job was highly unpleasant, however.

    I dont get anything like that in my current job, but there are other compensations here :)
  11. Roger that. He sounds like a funkin whinger to me. you had a good career mate stop dripping. Victor Meldrew.
  12. I am not dripping, its just i did a full career and left the army behind, so how about some of the low lives out there sponging off society doing there bit. With regard to me earning 12k a month as a civi in afghanistan i am not lying, there is that sort of wage out there if you have the bollocks to go work over there. Choose to pay half mortgage off and bank loads and enjoy life with loads of top quality holidays as during my career i was somewhat denied that (my choice as i joined up)).
  13. Fair play to you mate for what you've done. You just seem to be mixing your rants. What are you actually pi$$ed off with. The fact that you have been placed on the Reserve list, or chavs sponging off the state? It sounds to me like you are surprised that you have been placed on the reserves. Are you shocked when you go downstairs on 25th Dec and find presents strewn all over the floor?

    Relax, it ain't gonna happen FFS
  14. Shoulda read the small print when you joined up, mate :nod:
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  15. 28 months X 12k = 336000, (which is 50%) I say its a ******* mansion or a garage in westminster.