Reserve units in Wisbech or Cambridgeshire area

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by skymacuk, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Looking to transfer to a local unit as i have moved, I have done a web search and can’t seem to find anything apart from RLC units.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Cambridge: RSigs (Coldhams Lane TAC), RAMC (Cherry Hinton Road), plus soon to be MI (Coldhams Lane).
    Peterborough: RLC (London Road), plus Royal Anglian Band (London Road)
  3. If you are really perverted 21 SAS have a detachment in Cambridge.
    If you are willing to travel a bit there is 3 Royal Anglian.
  4. 3 RANGLIAN at Bury St Edmunds as are 6 Regt AAC. Just off the A14 - easy to get to ;-)
  5. Hi Guys thanks for all your help.

    21 is the nearest but i’m too old at 39, everything else is over 55 miles from my house.

    Might have to take a look at the RAF reserve.
  6. 254 Med Regt is in the same building and accepts recruits up to 44, vacancies for Combat Med Techs, RLC driver / rad ops (comm specs, or whatever they are calling themselves this year), REME blackhand gang, chefs, and SPS.
  7. Apparently MI are about to make a big push into the me, you dont want to be in the RAF Reserve, their backpacks are proper naff and they wander around saluting warrant officers.
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  8. lol, are MI only going to be located in Cambridge, or are they going to be anywhere else in Cambridgeshire ?
  9. 3 Royal Anglian's Drums Platoon is also at Peterborough, 2620 Sqn Women's Royal Auxilary Baloon Corps Regiment Reserve are at Marham and there is the RTC or ATU (what's this weeks name?) at Grantham if you have any instructor quals also at Grantham are all the National TA units of the RLC for how ever long they have left and not sure if the oggie Sqn that was at Cottersmore has moved to Wittering or not
  10. Not sure as to the plans for the wider Cambridgshire area I'm afraid, perhaps someone else can offer some guidance? As a final ploy in my sales pitch the co location with the CUOTC may see large numbers of attractive, well spoken OTC lasses in the vicinity. Much better looking than the trogs of the RAF I am sure.
  11. Guys thanks for all your help, i will have a look and make a decision.

    I keep hearing that there will be new units forming and re-roling due to the FR2020 anyone now if there is any truth in this or is it just gossip ?

    I can’s see them opening new TACs
  12. Yes, no, maybe, depends on the day of the week and the direction of the wind. Nothing for sure until 'The Announcement' (tm) is made.

    I think that it's unlikely that any major TACs will open in Cambridgeshire, seeing that major population centres are already catered for. Might be something new at RAF Wyton, but we'll see...

    Anyway, the Coldham's Lane TAC in Cambridge has plenty of space available at the moment, given that it was nicely done up to fit a new Signals RHQ there, just in time for that Regt to be chopped a few years back. Perfect space for a new MI Coy, and a lot more convenient for the 3MI personnel that seem to gravitate from CUOTC down to London...
  13. cheers guys, i will do a bit more digging, i’m also looking at E Coy 7 Rifles, bit of a trek , but seems easier to get to than 3RA
  14. Just as well they got rid of all the old TA infantry regiments back in the mid 90's. D Coy, 6 Royal Anglian were at Coldhams Lane and I think the recce platoon were based at Wisbech. I had a few mates in 6 Royal Anglian when it got chopped and it went over to Royal Signals. Most of them wrapped it as it was not what they wanted to do.
  15. shame the Recce platoon got binned that would have been ideal for me