Reserve units' drill night-Always Tuesdays?

Just curious, but after seeing a post where someone couldn't join 4 Para because he attended school on Tuesday evenings, I was wondering if all reserve units held their drill nights on Tuesdays (apart from national specialist units)? If so, is there any particular reason for this?

My current (Danish) unit has theirs on a Tuesday too, so it seems quite widespread :)

Do any/many units hold more than one drill night per week? Maybe one night for trained soldiers and one for recruits?
Wednesdays are quite common as well, especially where two units share a building. My last two units, we paraded Tuesday, but there was someone else in on Wednesday too.

As to why...I always thought it gave you time to sort yourself out from the last weekend, but left enough time to get briefed and do admin for the next weekend.
If your TA unit is a SWAT unit, then it will be Some Weekends and Tuesdays (or Thursdays)


My local mob used to meet on a Thursday, we shared the place with an R Sigs unit who seemed to turn up when they felt like it!
I seem to recall the ACF used it twice a week and the administration used to rent out our classrooms to a foreign student mob all summer so we could hardly get any classroom time.
Mine was officially wednesday but, people used to roll in any time depending on what they were doing or if they were off on a course.
My infantry unit's was on Tuesday. I think that was chosen because, at the time, Corrie was on on Monday and Wednesday.


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When I was in the terrorists we drilled in Tues and thursdays. Mind you a lot of the doley chaps added to their meagre benefit but coming in most of the bloody week!

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