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Just joined the site a I'm in the process of signing up to join the TA/Army Reserves.

I've visited the unit I'm interested in joining and registered and filled in the initial form online and I'm just wondering how long the process takes from start to 'finish'.

I've done a bit of a search on here but not been able to find an answer to this specific question. Apologies if I've missed it however.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I applied roughly a year ago and I'm still not in.

I have passed selection, just waiting on vetting clearing and medical forms being sent off again, (Somehow Capita don't have them, even though they were sent off in May).

The reason it has taken so long is a mixture of myself having to rearrange certain sections (PDA and Selection) and Capita not really pulling their finger out ( I went a good 2 months without hearing from them, despite numerous emails).

I think if you are keen and sort out everything on your end ASAP and you manage to get a decent CSM (you will most likely deal with several), you will be through it quite sharpish.


I applied June 2013
interviewed March 2014
ADSC August 2014
however the CSM I have is very good and the Unit I'm going to have been very helpful just hang in there if you want to get in...


The unit I'm hoping to join are really good too, they try everything in their power to push things along, but sometimes it's just out of their hands.

But yeah as Jonnopne21 said, just hang in there.
Thanks for the replies. I'll just prepare myself for a long wait then!

I'm quite surprised about how long it takes but that's mainly because I thought they would be pushing things through quicker because of the expansion of the Reserve forces.

I'll just have to make sure I keep pestering Crapita.

Thanks again for the responses.
A mate of mine tried to rejoin. He had done two tours a few years ago and then left. Tried to rejoin his old inf unit but after three years of f ckabout gave up and went to the REME. Only took them 18 months to attest him but then they spent a year failing to put him on a recruit cadre (the process took so long he had to start from scratch)

He gave up and sacked it.


How times change,way back in 1985 I joined the TA straight from cadets whilst waiting to join the RN,I went along to my local drill hall,mum and dad signed the forms as I was U18,recruits selection weekend and TA recruits cadre all in less than three months! Promoted to L/CPL after 9 months and still under 18 and then into the RN. That's a quick turnaround! Feel really sorry for the new people joining!

Finished with main motors. And steering.


A year to attestation. ..... was pushed through by my unit but slowed by Capita losing docs re my medical. ...
Got booked straight on to recruit course.... summer challenge in August. ... yay...


I started the process in late Feb 2014 and I was attested last week. Selection was in June and passed with an A grade( not too shabby for a 41 year old). Initially told it could take up to 8 months so I think 5-6 was ok.
Alpha 2 week course in late Sept due to family holiday on Aug dates.


Well done... If you have waited as long as me i'm off on adsc in august i applied june 13


War Hero
Applied december 2011, selection and attestation in January 2012, TSC A in march 2011, TSC B in June 2012.
Should have done my b3 trade course in Sept 2012, but put it off until Sept 2013, this was a big mistake, as my unit got binned under fr2020, and they cancelled the course.
I transferred to a new unit in December 2013, still waiting for b3...
...and I managed to get in before capita got involved, so maybe dont hold yer breath!
I'm just wondering how long the process takes from start to 'finish'.

'Them upstairs' are off to a recruitment meeting in the near future and they wanted some numbers, we gave them this.

Four attested, average time from application to attestation - 202 days.

Nine attested, average time from application to attestation - 66 days.
Appreciate all the responses, thanks for that.

It seems mental how long the process takes nowadays. When I started looking into joining the Reserves I thought it'd be a fairly quick (ish) process due to the apparent drive to increase the Reserve capability... Suppose that's what happens when you involve Crapita in anything though.

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I joined the TA in 1986 and had completed my recruit cadre in just over five months, which was a typical timescale for good attenders. All forms were filled in by hand and posted to IMRO(N) by snail mail. I heard at work recently that the average time under Capita with modern communications and the internet is 276 days, although reading the responses above, this seems ambitious.

Progress is a great thing isn't it. I know a bloke who joined as a Regular soldier in the 1970s who walked into a recruiting office and started training at the Depot eleven days later. Can any of you see the trend here?
I applied in Nov 2013, just had my interview at the ACIO, got my med forms now to send to docs. Mine took so long because Crapita took forever to get my previous service docs from Glasgow. Told should be on selection in about 6-8 weeks!
Online application March 13
ACC interview June 13
Started to attended drill nights June
ADSC Lichfield Sept 13 (pass)

Nov 13 deferred until 2017? due to medical history put in for appeal and managed to reduce deferral until Dec this year, straight in to attestation in December

Its been a long process for myself including the deferral but that has made me more determined to get through the process plus attending the drill nights every week ive the unit behind me as well which is good for my moral.

All good things as they say.

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