Reserve Training Timeline Experience

I have applied to become a reserve solider in March 2020, specifically joining the RLC.

I completed my Alpha over 4 weekends at the start of 2021 and was booked to go onto my Bravo in the summer time.

However on the day that I was to go, my squadron called to say that they got my Bravo Course Dates wrong and said that the course would be starting the week after. (Background: I work for the NHS and it was kind of difficult to get a 2 week block off work at last minute, especially with the situation at the time in the country).

My squadron asked if I could make the new dates, which I couldn't at such short notice.

After a whole change in the CMS (Common Military Syllabus) from 18 to 21 and a lot of back and forth above anybody's head. I now have to do the "New Alpha," freshly named MOD 2 again in the October period of 2021 and then I'm booked onto the "New Bravo," MOD 3 Course in early 2022.

This means that its going to take about a year to get through basic (all going as planned) and just shy of 2 years since I 1st filled out the application form.

My question is that has anyone else experienced such a mess up for such a simple thing for organising recruitment and training in their military careers in the reserves?


Covid aside - this normally wouldn't happen. Most reserve units were pretty good beforehand and didn't muck people about.

With the start of the "new" syllabus and the restrictions on numbers, testing needs (and people dropping out, testing positive etc) and the attempts at developing distance learning this year has been pretty disorganised at times. The stopping and starting of training has also led to a massive backlog of people all vainly attempting to get on courses that exist one week and don't the next. Your frustrations are shared by those DS at ATRs, units and of course the potential trainees who rightly ask why we aren't doing this better.

Stick with it. It's incredibly annoying, but the pay off in the long run is brilliant. It probably won't be the last time you get dicked about in the reserve either, but this year has been a bit exceptional when it comes to training.
I'm wondering if it would be an idea for me to transfer out of the regiment im currently in to another RLC regiment. I have lost quite a lot of trust in my current until that they have messed my basic training up so much that its set me back over 6 months.
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Only issue you may have is if you effect the transfer your name might be removed from any course loading. Then if you transfer your new unit will have to load you onto a course which might be even later.