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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by starky1986, Apr 10, 2016.

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  1. Looking for some clarification here folks or maybe even some clear info.

    I've been in the reserves for nearly 3 years and through a lot of hard work time away etc managed to get to lcpl and VM class 2.

    I am now looking to transfer into regs but no one seems to have a definitive answer on what the process is. I've been told by my unit that I may have to complete full basic training and trade course again but then been told by someone else that I wold go for an assessment day and they would judge from there whether I could be posted straight to unit dependent on trade and Mil skills. I'm aware I would lose my rank which is fair enough but my wages would stay the same. Also I've been told that I could be posted anywhere but again been advised that I can't be posted any further than 160 miles from home as I have a mortgage, wife kids from a previous relationship who can't be posted with me.

    Just want some clear info before I take the plunge to appease the wife more than anything.... any info will be much appreciated as well as some sarcastic comments.

  2. How long will it take you to drive the 160 miles and will you phone home to advise before leaving?*

    *You will, at some point, probably get a sensible answer to your query. Good luck with your transfer.
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  3. Try ringing the local afco. Failing that try reserves desk in Glasgow. Not an uncharted course.
  4. Tried the careers office and they said it's something to deal with in unit.... however got a now psi who hasn't dealt with this before so he is unsure himself .

    Cheers though
  5. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    I will try and answer in the order you have asked.

    1. You apply online like everyone else. Your CO will be requested to send a letter of recommendation as your application progresses.
    2. You will leave the Reserves before re-enlisting in the Regs.
    3. Trade wise, as it is the same as your current trade they may just assess you. APC Glasgow will decide if you need to complete Phase 1.
    4. Pay - not sure but as you leave the Reserves and then join the Regs I don't know why they would pay a Cfn a LCpl wage.
    5. You can be posted anywhere. As a married soldier you will be entitled to SFA (Service Family Accommodation). If you decide not to take it then that is your choice. I too have a mortgage and my home, and family, are over 400 miles away.
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  6. Cheers that's the kind of info I'm looking for
  7. Have you done a tour?
  8. Nothing to write home about done a couple of overseas training exercises in Kenya etc and got mobilised for op comet (I'm not counting that though) my sjars and exercise reports are all decent though, the only reason I know they don't drop your wages is I have had a few mates that transferred to regs and they were kept on the same wage but lost their tape but they all went to different regiments.
  9. Just asking, because on occassion the unit you deploy with may faciliatate the transition if they liked you. There are long-term engagements offered pn the OCE list. Dependent on your cap badge might be worth a look.
  10. Will look into it but doubt it as was deployed with the Irish guards, think they were based in aldershot ideally looking for a posting in Scotland hopefully Leuchars or an LAD.

  11. There's various Pte to LCpl FTRS teeth arm jobs at the moment, even for Germany! Get one, impress them, go from there.

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  12. Yeah had a look at them unfortunately with ftrs you can't get promoted so would be stuck on the promotion ladder
  13. A member of the Army Reserve can be selected for promotion whilst on FTRS. You may just not be able to wear it and be paid for it if the FTRS post you are in is not rank ranged. However, if you do well on the FTRS engagement it will undoubtedly improve your promotion prospects and should count as good military experience.

    In answer to your original question, if you are considering joining as a Regular, just do it. You may well have to start from square one but after about three years you will have broken even and have all of the opportunities and benefits of a Regular.
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  14. I recently watched a doc where one fella who passed out was a former STAB and was also wearing a Telic gong so I take it you'd have to start from scratch, unlike regs to reserves where you can pick up where you left off with regards to your rank (giving they have an open position for JNCO/SNCO's).

    We've had former regs join within months of their discharge but never heard of a reservist going straight to reg, it's not quite the same thing even I'll admit
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  15. It's possible if you have done a tour, there is a DIN on this - the link is on the OAVL available on armynet.

    However the dit about pay is bollocks if you drop down to private you would be paid as a private although you may keep pay bands accrued. Also if you do join although you can express a posting preference, you go where you are needed.

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