Reserve team footballer walks away with £4.5m compensation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.

    Mrs Justice Swift found that Mr Collett "must have had a good chance of spending at least part of his career ... in the Premier League".

    She added: "His positive attitude towards his injury and to the devastating blow of being unable to pursue his chosen career does him great credit. I found him a most impressive young man."

    Pity the judiciary don't find such a sum in favour of service personnel whose devastating injuries have ensured that they cannot continue in their chosen career (or for that matter other careers that they may have chosen at the end of their service. :x
  2. If I'd paid a bit more attention at school I had an "outstanding chance" of being much better paid than I am now. Does this entitle me to sue my teachers?

    F*cking compensation culture gone mad. If you play contact sport you acknowledge the risks. FFS.
  3. Before the outrage bus leaves, may I agree you accept certain risks in any profession. In this case the young man was the subject of a negligent and dangerous tackle. It went beyond appreciable risks. He has not lost a limb, been blinded or disabled significantly. However he has lost his career/vocation and seems to be doing the best he can to sort his life out. The loss of income issue is not one that the judiciary can be pinged for, AFCS is a government, i.e. "executive" scheme.

    So fair play appears to have been seen and done. What of the young footballer who crocked him? Is he now in the Middlesborough first team!!
  4. Doesn't this money come from the FA though, not public coffers?

    If so, why the outrage. Its not your money is it?
  5. Apparently Mr Smith is now with Brentford. Contrary to what I imagined he is apparently a flair-filled attacking midfielder rather than a clogger a la Norman Hunter, who has scored over twenty goals in about eighty league games. Obviously, like Mr Collett he was seeking to make a name for himself and simply got it very badly wrong. Ironically he has been dogged by minor injuries ever since that season.
  6. The article says the money was paid by the clubs insurance company

    I see no problem with some one recieving that amount of compensation when it's being paid for by an insuranc ecompany as opposed to the Government or FA etc.
  7. I've decided that if the Government had handled public education properly, I would now be managing a major multi-national corporation on millions a year, ergo can I sue the Government because I might've turned out to be a millionaire if they hadn't c0cked up education? Seems only fair if this bloke can get £4.5million because he might have been a footballer...
  8. The comment by Cuddles about Norman Hunter ( did he end up at Bristol ? ) reminds me of the Saint's and Greaves show analysis of 'Chopper Harris's game whilst at Chelsea.

    Apparently, 'Chopper' needed to go back to the Academy to learn, 'It's the ball you go for Chopper - that's why it's called football.'
  9. LOL, Peter Osgood always said 'Football violence only migrated to the terraces once chopper retired!'

    Chopper Harris, we salute you!
  10. Maybe if he'd limped away, he might actually have got more.