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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by squigeypie, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. are there any plans?
  2. Is there any point? Doesn't SAS(R) cover the capability anyway?
  3. Probably not. Hardly a metter for discussion in an open forum, anyway.
  4. Why? There is no secret it exists.

    B_B you might want to review your security settings :D
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  5. No. SAS(R)are, IIRC, tasked with LRRP and CSAR(or at least they were back in 2001).

    Given the cuts made to the TA, there is little chance of a new UKSF(R)being set up. Also, the role of the SRR is highly specialised; a bit like 21 or 23 training in Hostage Rescue...
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  6. Yes, but the Selection is somewhat different to other UKSF(R) units...

    Swim Test: Potential recruits must swim 500 metres - after being shot in the back.

    PFT is replaced with a 3 mile Parkour route over the roof-tops.

    Milling: Two recruits are placed in an average sized room. The one who walks out is the winner. Bonus points are awarded for the use of improvised weapons(towels, books, magazines etc).
  7. SRR has struck me as a rather introvert and arrogant unit, the personnel within it were often lacking in the things that characerise the other elements of UKSF, characeristics such as humour, modesty, courtesy and the abilitity to suprise outsiders with an unexpected openess and honesty. I can competely understand why a unit such as the SRR migh not foster or enable these characeristics to come to th fore, so there's no criticism intended. After all I am generalising, but in my experience, not far from the truth. Those working for SAS(R) always seemed to have the above mentioned traits in spades, there enthusiasm is often contagious, this is essential for any T.A unit in my opinion.
  8. Apologies for spelling and grammar in the above post.
  9. It's ARRSE, mate; we're not grammer-Nazi's. :)

    However, your condemnation of SRR soldiers seems rather sweeping. I do agree with you about SAS(R) soldiers, from my limited experiance of them; they did seem to make an effort not to "big it up" - I saw one of them get a mild bollocking for using the phrase Green Army.

    I've never met any SRR soldiers, but I would be surprised if their personalities would be markdly different from other SF units.
  10. "Crevice is a dirty word" etc.
  11. FC, I'm inclined to agree with you mate, my comments are very sweeping, and probably unfairly so. Put simply though, they all seemed rude, and with a tendancy to be openly disrespectful to other members of UKSF. Thats just my experience, and it's one I'm happy to accept is not representative of the whole unit.
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  12. Fair one, mate.

    While I respect anyone who serves with UKSF, it has to be said the SRR has not enjoyed the best possible start: they have been linked to the Jean-Charles DeMenzies cluster-fcuk and the two soldier captured in Iraq were(allegedly)members of this unit.

    In fairness, with the nature of the work SRR does, we're only going to hear about thier failures, not their wins. :roll:
  13. And to quote a SRR SO1: "they're a bit fed-up of being treated as the ginger, fat, wheezy kid in the UKSF world..." On the other hand, all the guys who I've met associated with them (primarily due to their near constant recruiting tours) seem sound blokes who are willing to help out whenever they can.
  14. SRR are hated by everyone
  15. Rather harsh, old boy. Not to mention factually incorrect - I thought it was only the Rockapes who were UNIVERSALLY hated! :D
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